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Intervention Analysis

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Bailey Kelly

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Intervention Analysis

Encouraging Student Academic Motivation
Many teachers face the problem of unmotivated students and a way to fix this is to implement these intervention ideas to re-motivate the students.
2. Provide an Audience for the Student
A great motivator is knowing someone will evaluate one's creative work. Teachers can encourage students to submit their work to a public institution.
3. Reduce the "Effort" needed
Teachers can make large projects seem easier by breaking them up into smaller assignments. This will increase the odds that a student will complete the whole project.
4. Connect Academic Work to the Real World
Using the media to show times when academic knowledge was needed in the real world can prove the importance of learning.
Using social interactions is important because other students can help them motivate between themselves.
Telling a student their work is good enough to be presented can help with future motivation.
Breaking down projects can make it seem more doable and students won't get overwhelmed.
Showing a real life connection proves to students that the content area is important for their future.
The idea of choices lets the students feel more in control.
Making learning fun is the only way you will be able to reach certain students.
1. Build in Social Interactions
Student may want to do a difficult task if given the option of working with others. To make sure no one gets off task, make sure you have given clear instructions and goals for the task.
Intervention Analysis
Bailey KElly

5. Offer meaningful Choices when possible
It has been shown that when students are given some sense of choice, they are more likely to participate.
6. Make Learning Fun
Teachers can use game like activities to review material or to learn something new. One can also use humor and make things fast paced to make things more interesting.
Students can become off task when working with their friends.
It may be discouraging if the student work does not get presented.
Breaking the project up does not help students plan and use time management.
There may not be a real life example for each subject area or they may not be exciting.
Letting students make a lot of choices can make the teacher have less authority over the students.
You can't make everything fun, because in the real world somethings aren't going to be fun.
My Opinion
These are some great suggestions and in some of my classes I have seen the success of some of these ideas. Not all of these will work in each class or for each student. It will also depend on the age group of the class. I think this would be very beneficial for teachers to use everyday, even before the students lose motivation.
Additional Resources
This website has an additional 20 tips that can also help teachers find ways to motivate students!
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