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No description

John Koht

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of ESD

Convert to Members. The most effective means of profiling users is converting them to members. Website & E-Channel The website and E-Channel are only the tip of the iceberg, created to inform, build an audience and drive user engagement.

Once we have users, we can begin to build profiles as potential customers. ESD E-Channel Activate the sales process by building an E-Channel platform to present dynamic, relevant content and drive user engagement. Design Content The E-Channel will be primarily a content portal. Fueled by the minds of ESD's consultants and brand managers.

A fresh and useful content portal will grow an audience, build engagement and build business. Technology By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and with a focus on user-experience, we'll build a custom, sophisticated, robust and integrated system to solve real world business problems and improve the bottom line. In order to create a brilliant design, we will work with your team to strategize, create flow charts, wireframes and then produce designs that surpass goals and secure results. How do we activate the sales process? Build an audience with relevant, engaging content
Build a custom profile for each user (customer)
Engage the customer on a personalized basis How do you build an audience? You build a platform of fresh, useful and insightful content.

You utilize creative designs and cutting edge technologies to provide an exceptional experience. Simple Registration. Urge users to create accounts with a username and password or by connecting with LinkedIn or Facebook. Customized Registration. Allows users the option of personalizing their registration by selecting the topics, industries and tags which they prefer to follow. Track. We track user activity across the website and e-channel. Tracking page views, tags viewed/followed, interactions and more. Personalized Feed. Display and feature content that is personalized to the user based on their interests and the tags which they follow. We can automatically follow tags based on views and interaction. Personalized Notifications. As new content is produced, we can quickly notify users who follow the specific tags via email or any other form of notification. Personalize Content. Integration. Cosential will be back-bone of the new platform. All user data will funnel through the platform and into Consential. Consultants and reps can easily access a user's profile. Integration. All users will be automatically searched on LinkedIn and other social networks in order to mine and integrate this data. Active Sales. User tracking and analysis of the platform will create a unique profile for each user and a qualified sales lead, which allows consultants to personalize the sales experience.
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