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Frankenstein Timeline of Events

No description

Elspeth Venn

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein Timeline of Events

Frankenstein Timeline of Events
Walton sets out on his voyage to the North Pole.
In a letter to his sister, he says that his crew members have recently discovered a man at sea
The man, Victor Frankenstein, offers to tell Walton his story
Frankenstein's Early Life
He has a perfect childhood, and is guided by a 'silken cord'.
His parents adopt a beautiful orphaned girl, Elizabeth Lavenza.
Just before his 17th birthday, his mother dies of scarlet fever
He eventually departs for Ingolstadt University and dives into 'natural philosophy' with passion.
The monster is created
Victor has visions of creating a new and noble race.
He creates, then abandons the monster
He later receives word that William has been murdered. He sees the monster lingering at the site of the murder, but fears no one will believe him.
Justine Moritz is convicted and executed, and Victor is consumed by guilt.
The Mountains
Victor hopes to alleviate his suffering through the beauty of the mountains.
The power of the sublime is clear in these sections.
He sees the monster, who begs Victor to listen to his story.
The monster describes his life full of suffering and rejection because of his appearance.
Blames his rage on humanities inability to see his inner goodness.
Convinces Victor to give him a female companion.
Victor moves to a remote island in Scotland to work on the creation of the female monster.
He begins to worry that the new monster may turn out to be more destructive than the first, and abandons his creation after seeing the monster peering in through the window.
The monster warns Victor that he will seek revenge, and be with him on his wedding night.
Clerval is murdered, and Victor is accused.
He collapses, and remains delusional for 2 months until his father arrives and the charges are dropped.
Wedding Night
Victor returns to Geneva and marries Elizabeth.
The monster keeps his word, and on the wedding night he murders Elizabeth.
Victor's father dies of grief shortly after.
Victor decides to dedicate his life solely to seeking revenge on the monster.
He follows the monster to the arctic, but becomes trapped on the ice until he is rescued by Walton's crew.
The Ending
Returns to Walton's narrative.
Walton's final letter tells of Victor's death, and the discovery of the monster grieving.
He accuses the monster of having no remorse, but the monster claims it has suffered more than anyone.
With Victor dead, the monster has its revenge, and plans to end its own life.
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