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Day 20 Writing RTLs

No description

Laura Pittillo

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Day 20 Writing RTLs

Do Now
On WB:
What are the elements of an effective RTL paragraph?
What is the function of a topic sentence?
Names the text and author.
States argument in OP statement form.
What is an argument?
In literature, an argument
is a declarative statement
describing your opinion or

Rowdy is a good friend.
Roger is a bad person.
Junior doesn't fit in at Reardan.

With your partner identify what is missing from these topic sentences:
Rowdy from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is a good friend to Junior.

Although Junior has to overcome obstacles, he is determined to achieve his dream of getting an education.

Although the main character, Junior, in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie used to go to Wellpinit High School, he now goes to Reardan.
Identify the topic sentence in your paragraph from Thursday.
Do you have a strong argument stated in OP form?
Did you name the text AND author?
RDFs are the support for your topic sentence. They introduce the quote or paraphrase you are using for evidence.
Each one should relate back to your argument.
With your partner, identify which RDFs
support the argument:


RDF #1:

RDF #2:

RDF #3:

RDF #4:

RDF #5:
Evidence: Quotes and Paraphrases
Evidence must directly support the
topic sentence
Citing your evidence:
I was half Indian in one place, and half white in the other
Direct quote:
Junior feels like he is Indian at Reardan, and white on the reservation
Check your RDFs, do they support your topic sentence and introduce your quotes?
Look through your paper. Are all quotes and paraphrases cited correctly?
Analysis of Quotes and Paraphrases
Analyzing your evidence (quotes and paraphrases) explains why they answer the question/address the prompt.
Where have we analyzed quotes and paraphrases before?
How to Analyze a Quote or Paraphrase
Analysis is a comment about the evidence before moving on to the next item of evidence.

Prompt: Is Rowdy a good friend to Junior?
Rowdy got revenge on the Andruss brothers for beating Junior up (22).
This shows that Rowdy is a good friend because he is willing to stand up for Junior when others pick on him.
On your whiteboard, analyze this quote:
Prompt: Is Rowdy a good friend to Junior?
"[Rowdy] shoved me to the ground and almost kicked me" (20).
Remember: Explain how the quote addresses the prompt.
Conclusion Sentences
The conclusion sentence is a restatement
of the topic sentence that ends the paragraph.
Connect your analysis back to the argument presented in your topic sentence.
Avoid explanations or statements of commentary that restates your evidence.
Example Topic Sentence:
Although Rowdy in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie can be mean, he is still a good friend to Junior.

Example Conclusion Sentence:
Overall, Rowdy is a good friend to Junior, despite his anger issues.
Check your own conclusion sentence.
Does it effectively restate your topic sentence?
Rowdy is a good friend to Junior.
Rowdy protects Junior.
Rowdy shares his dreams with Junior.
Rowdy doesn't want to go to Reardan.
Rowdy is at Junior's house often.
Rowdy punched Junior when he was upset.
Write about the impact of alcohol on Junior's life.
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