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Faith in slaughterhouse five

No description

Nicole Whiteside

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Faith in slaughterhouse five

Slaughterhouse 5: Faith
Slaughterhouse Five

"My God, my God... It's the Children's Crusade" (135.)
"Take it moment by moment,
and you will find that we are all,
as I’ve said before, bugs in amber”(109.)

"The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes" (252.)
Billy had an extremely
gruesome crucifix hanging
on the wall of his little
bedroom in Ilium.
"He supposed that the intent of the Gospels was to teach people among other things, to be merciful, even to the lowest of the low.
But the Gospels actually taught this:
Before you kill somebody, make absolutely sure he isn't well connected. So it goes" (138).
When one introduces a new way of thinking that differs from societies preferred way, his/her ideas are disregarded.
"seen a lot of things
about" (9.21.2)
"Crusaders as children
Kill for your ally
But little Bill Pilgrim
Quite rarely he cries"
... yet doesn't.
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The Gospel From Outer Space
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