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Drew Kaifer - Medicine

No description

Christopher Podles

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Drew Kaifer - Medicine

Benefits Of Medicine
Zuckerberg, Chan Pledge $3B To End Disease (Washington Post, 9/13/2016
A Spoonful Of Medicine
Medicine (Video on BrainPOP Jr.)
Donating $3B to cure, stop, and research medicines so that all cancer, diseases, and illnesses go away.
Right now we spend 50 times more money on health care for treating sick people than we do on research to cure diseases.
Funding medical research can help find new medicine so that people don't get sick to begin with.
Medicines come in many different forms to help us.
You use an inhaler if you have asthma.
You can give yourself a shot if you have diabetes.
Some medicines come from nature.

The rosy periwinkle plant has a cure for childhood leukemia.

Molds are used for making penicillin.
Willow bark has ingredients to make
aspirin that cures headaches.
You need a vaccine so you do not get measles.
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