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Independent Reading, Response Journals and Foldables -- IRF

Presentation that (1) highlights the differences between silent and independent reading, (2) shows how to infuse interactive Foldables into the Reponse Journal to engage all students.

Clair Hoey

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Independent Reading, Response Journals and Foldables -- IRF

Intentional Indepdendent Reading and Response Journals Why is it Important? Independent
VS Silent Reading Builds Effective Reading Process
Increase the Amount of Reading
Increase Ownership and Commitment to Reading
Broadens Literary Experiences
Develops Responsibility for Reading
Encourages Personal Connections
Teaches Collaboration A Plan
Books (Classroom Library)
Reading Response Journals Reading
Response Journals http://vimeo.com/16539073 Independent
Reading Foldables
are three-dimensional,
interactive graphic organizers. What Do
You Need? Fountas & Pinnell Systematic Way of guiding and supporting students as they read on their own. Practice
what you've been
Become engaged.
Systematically organize learning.
Use both their visual and linguistic intelligences.
Take ownership of their work. They Help Students... Pgs. 2-14
Pgs. 16-35
Pgs. 36 ...
CD in the Back Book Walk Examples Exploration With a partner(s)...
1. Select a book from the table.
2. Use a Response Prompt.
3. Explore the Notebook Foldables Book.
4. Use the materials.
5. Create a Notebook Foldable to share with the group. + = Next Steps 1. Reflect on your staff and previous experiences.
2. Decide with whom you are going to share this information.
3. Share the information.
4. Discuss with your DLT Support Person during their next visit or at the next Coaches/Contact Meeting.
Reading Log
Misc. Aids (i.e. Genre Overview) The
Tab 3-2-1 Three things you learned.
Two questions you have
One thing you will share at your school tomorrow. http://www.wrsd.net/literacy/launch.cfm Books
(Classroom Library) http://bcove.me/pppu6he0 A Plan What is Intentional
Independent Reading?
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