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A Riddle

Enjoy and love One Direction!:)

Isabelle Payne

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of A Riddle

Can you answer it? A Riddle By:
Isabelle Pereira
Eliza Hallinan Riddle!
Hey. So, you're at you're house when the power goes out. Pretty soon, your food gets bad and you have to throw it away. Since you have no food, you decide to go the grocery store. Once you get there, it's closed! You then return home, only to find an electricity man with a gun! He forces you into a room which you have never noticed in your house, where you have to go through doors. Red Blue Yellow Okay, so you go through the door, but you find yourself in yet another door! Which do you go through???? Thick door Now, you find yourself in a hallway. At the end of the hallway, there are three options. You can go into a thin Birch door, an average Oak door or a thick Brass door. Which do you choose????? Which do you choose???? Flimsy Door Thin Birch Door Thick Brass Door Average Oak Door Now, there are another three doors. A
blue door, a brown door and a pink door. Which do you choose?????? Once you get here,
the electric man tells you have
four ways to die. What do you choose? Death by spoons Death by electrocution Death by food poisoning Death by flies You die slowly and painfully as the spoons
dig in to your body. You had a chance to live,
if only you made the right choice. Hey! Congratulations! If you
remember, you have NO food!
You solved the riddle! Try again? Try again? Try again? The hungry flies
eat you alive. You
had a chance to live,
if you made the right
choice. Did you think
your electricity was
still out? Don't you remember
the electrician fixing it? You
are quickly zapped to death. You
had a chance to live, if only you
made the right choice. Blue door Brown Door Pink Door
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