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The Westing Game

No description

kathryn sherer

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of The Westing Game

1. When the will is first read, what does he call the 16 people present that shocks them?
his 16 nieces and nephews
2. In his will, Mr. Westing claims he did not die of natural causes. How did he die?
he was murdered by one of the heirs
3. What must the potential beneficiaries do if they wish to "strike it rich"?
they must play the Westing Game
4. Explain Mr. Hoo's comment, "The poor are crazy, the rich just eccentric."
The wealthy people are treated differently than poor people. Poor people can do something and people think they are crazy but if a rich person does the same thing they are just being quirky.

Chapter 6
The Westing Game
By Ellen Raskin
1. Who was at the door greeting the beneficiaries at the Westing home?
2. In his coffin, Sam Westing is holding something in his hands. What is it?
Grace Wexler's silver cross
3. Why is Judge J.J. Ford surprised to see E.J. Plum in charge of the Westing estate?
he is young and inexperienced
4. What did the design on Sydelle Pulaski's dress remind Turtle of?
purple waves

Chapter 5
1. Which was more successful - the grand opening of Shin Hoo's Chinese restaurant or the parking lot coffee shop? What do you think?
Shin Hoo - only 3 people came coffee shop - busy
shin Hoo - really expensive coffee shop - much cheaper
2. Who was Sandy McSouthers?
doorman for the building
3. What was different about the Westing House that surprised Turtle Wexler?
there was smoke coming from the chimney
5. Tell the story of the two "unfortunate fellows" from Westingtown?
two boys went to the Westing Houseon Halloween for a bet and something scared them and one of the boys died at the bottom of the cliff and the other keeps saying "purple waves"
6. What does Chris notice through his binoculars?
someone with a limp going into the westing house
7. Chris is different from other people. How? What do you think is "wrong" with him?
He is in a wheelchair and he likes to bird watch. he also has seizures
Chapter 2
1. Why is Sunset Towers an unusual name for this building?
he building faced East and it had no towers
2. What was unusual about Barney Northrup, the delivery man?
he is 62 years old and there was no such person
3. Why was Jake Wexler uncomfortable at the new apartment?
Barney told him that the rent was cheaper than the upkeep on his house and he shouldn't know that
4. How did Barney finally convince Sydelle Pulaski to take the apartment?
he told her that people were begging for it
5. What was one way that this apartment sale was different than normal?
the people were already selected
Chapter 1
Chapter 9
1. Describe what happens to Mrs. Theodorakis in the kitchen.
there is an explosion and tomato sauce goes everywhere
2. What does Angela return to Turtle that she had stolen?
a newspaper with the Westing obituary
3. According to Judge Ford, who are the four people with Westing connections?
James Hoo, George Theodorakis, Sandy McSouthers, J.J. Ford
4. What is strange when Judge Ford calls a private detective from the phone book?
the voice is familiar

Chapter 12
1. What dilemma did the tenants face as they awoke on the third snowbound morning?
should or shouldn't they share their clues
2. What do we discover about Flora Baumbach?
that she had a daughter (Rosalie)
3. What does Turtle say her real name is?
4. Why could no one read Sydelle Pulaski's notes from the will?
they couldn't understand it
5. What does Theo suggest to the other heirs who have gathered for a meeting?
if people have questions they can write them out
6. Why is there confusion about Turtle's real name at the meeting?
because Turtle told Flora Baumbach that her name was Alice but it's Tabitha-Ruth
7. What question did Judge Ford write on the paper?
How many here have actually met Sam Westing?

Chapter 11
1. Why is Angela Wexler standing on a hassock (stool)?
she was getting her dress fitted/altered
2. How does Mrs. Baumbach know the Wexlers?
she is their dress maker/tailor
3. Describe Mrs. Wexler's relationship with her two daughters.
she loves Angela but is annoyed by Turtle
4. What happens if you touch Turtle’s braided hair?
she kicks people in the shin
5. How is J.J. Ford connected with Mr. Westing?
She owes Sam Westing money
6. What was in the long package that Sydelle Pulaski carried into her apartment?
Wooden crutches
Chapter 3
1. Describe the room where the 16 heirs hear about the Westing Game.
they are in a game room with sports equipment and a chess board
2. What was the object of the game?
to win
3. Why was Chris happy to be selected to play the game?
he was going to be interacting with the outside world
4. What does each pair receive in order to play?
$10,000 and clues (no set of clues will be alike)

5. Who is Turtle paired with?
Flora Baumbach
6. Why was Sandy so insistent that his partner, Judge Ford, play the game?
he needs the money because he lost his job and he needs to take care of his family

Chapter 7
1. Why was Doug Hoo waiting outside the Westing House?
Turtle was going into the Westing house for a bet
2. What did Turtle find upon entering the house?
a corpse

3. What did Turtle take upstairs to protect herself?
a billiard cue
4. What game does Mr. Westing’s obituary say he played?
5. Why were sixteen people given letters from Mr. Westing?
to meet for the reading of the will

Chapter 4
1. How was Turtle able to make money from the blizzard?
she made candles
2. What are many of the heirs trying to do during the snowstorm?
trying to figure out their clues
3. What does J. J. Ford hope to do just once?
to beat him at his own game
4. What did Sydelle Pulaski lose and why it is so important?
her shorthand notebook
Chapter 8
1. Why is Turtle’s mom being so nice to her before the party?
so she can get her clues
2. What was happening at J. J. Ford's apartment that evening?
she is having a party
3. Give two examples from this chapter that Grace dislikes Turtle and favors her other daughter, Angela.
"...if I do win the inheritance, everything I own goes to Angela."
She also wonders what is wrong with turtle
4. What did Judge Ford find out about Mr. Hoo over the phone?
Mr. Hoo claims Westing stole his idea for disposable paper diaper
Chapter 10
1. Why was Grace on time for Judge Ford's party when normally she would arrive late?
so she could listen for clues
2. Why does Angela become upset when everyone continually asks about Denton?
she thinks that they think she is a nobody without him
3. What is Chris looking for when he watches the party guests’ legs?
looking for people who limped
4. Who does Angela see when she rushes into Judge Ford's kitchen?

Chapter 13
1. What did the bomber use to set off the bomb?
Monosodium Glutamate
2. Who does Mrs. Baumbach say Angela Wexler looks like?
Violet Westing
3. Who is the only person to talk with Chris and ask him questions?
Sydelle Pulaski
4. What happened just as Otis Amber entered the restaurant?
the 2nd bomb went off
5. According to the fireman, what was the reasoning/explanation behind the bombs?
it was just a gas explosion
6. Where was the bomber planning to set the next bomb?
the Wexler apartment

Chapter 14
1. What was Angela searching for under the hoods of the cars in the parking lot?
they are searching for clues
2. Why did the doorman refuse to accept a tip from the judge?
she had given him the entire $10,000
3. Why does Alexander McSouthers suffer from bad headaches?
he was a boxer
4. Who was talking in Grace Wexler’s kitchen?
Otis Amber and Crow
5. Why did Grace open the window even though cold air was blowing through?
she didn't want an exposion
6. Why were the tenants buying so many Westing Paper Products?
because the will told them to do so

Chapter 15
1. Why did Doug suspect that Mr. Westing’s murderer may have been a doctor?
so the murderer could have injected poison or venom
2. Shin Hoo told Jake Wexler that he thought he could squeeze him in at the restaurant.
Explain why this statement is ironic.
They hardly ever had any business
3. Who is Judge Ford working with as a private detective to find information on the heirs?
Sandy McSouthers
4. Why is Judge Ford surprised at McSouthers' description of Mrs. Westing?
Judge Ford remembered someone completely different

Chapter 16
1. Why is a large group of people gathered at the Wexler’s apartment?
Angela's wedding shower
2. What does Angela do to suggest to the reader that she already knows what’s in that specific present?
her hands were shaking and she opened it slowly
3. Do the police search all the other apartments at Sunset Towers?
no- not enough evidence
4. Who is in Angela’s hospital room with her?
Sydelle Pulaski
5. Who do we discover is the bomber?
Angela Wexler

Chapter 17
1. Who did Mr. Wexler give a present to which resulted in a call to the bomb squad?
Mrs. Wexler - he sent her candy
2. After talking with Jake Wexler, who do Grace and James Hoo think is the murderer?
Ed Plum
3. What is Mr. Hoo’s connection to Mr. Westing?
Hoo sued Sam Westing over the invention of the disposable paper diaper but it was settled out of court for $25,000

4. What does Theo discover when he analyzes his clue?
NH4NO3 - OTIS was left out
5. Who does Theo meet in the middle of the night?
Chapter 18
1. Why does Turtle think it would be a good idea to call Mrs. Baumbach by another name?
because her name sounds like bomb
2. Who was Rosalie and how did she die?
Baumbach's daughter - she died of pneumonia when she was 19
3. How is ammonium nitrate used?
fertilizers, explosives, and rocket propellants
4. What does Theo want Doug Hoo to do?
to follow Otis Amber
5. What letter does Otis Amber deliver to Doug?
a letter from Plum that said that all heirs needed to be at the Westing house on Saturday night
6. How does Chris feel at the prospect of being “kidnapped” by Doctor Deere?
he doesn't want to go and he doesn't want to see doctors but he was excited to get out of the apartment

Chapter 19
1. How did Turtle defend listening to the radio in school?
she says that she has a toothache
2. Who does Otis Amber accuse of being responsible for the bombings?
James Shin Hoo
3. To whom is Crow referring when she uses the term "foot butcher"?
Jake Wexler
4. How does Judge Ford react when told by Sandy that Jake Wexler is a bookie?
She doent really care
5. Grace Wexler is not related to Sam Westing. Who is she related to?
Crow - the cleaning lady
6. According to the judge, what was Westing's first mistake?
that Sydelle Pulaski was picked instead of Sybil Pulaski

Chapter 20
1. What do Turtle and Mrs. Baumbach decide to do with their shares?
sell them at $52 a share
2. Why didn’t Doug’s feet hurt anymore?
his father's paper innersoles
3. Why was Theo at the hospital?
his solution experiment blew up
4. Why did George Theodorakis struggle telling Judge Ford the story of Violet Westing?
because he loved her but Mrs. Westing wanted Violet to be with the politician. Violet did not want to be with him so she killed herself.
5. Who does Judge Ford believe must be protected and why?
Mrs. Westing - She thinks Mr. Westing will be after her

Chapter 21
1. What does Theo want to borrow from Turtle?
her bike - to follow Otis Amber
2. After much secrecy, what is Judge Ford’s Westing connection?
her mother was a servant in the Westing House and her father was the gardener and Sam Westing paid for her education
3. Why does Judge Ford think that Sam Westing paid for her education?
so that the judge would owe him money
4. What was on the backside of the bomber’s note?
"How I Spent My Summer Vacation" by Turtle Wexler
5. Who confesses to the bombings in Judge Ford’s apartment?

Chapter 22
1. Briefly describe the note Turtle posted in the elevator?
she confessed to the bombings and apologizes. She says that she's not the murderer and offers to buy them dinner when she wins
2. Why would Grace Wexler be upset if she knew who the real bomber was?
because she loves Angela way more than Turtle
3. Which of the heirs does Judge Ford think may be Sam Westing’s former wife?
4. Who does Judge Ford think was actually in the coffin?
A wax figure
5. Why would it be difficult to recognize Sam Westing now?
he had plastic surgery or is wearing a disguise

Chapter 23
1. What did Otis mean by the phrase, “The Turtle’s lost its tail”?
Turtle got a haircut
2. What dud Turtle convince Angela not to do?
confess to the bombings
3. What did the heirs receive in their envelopes?
a 2nd check for $10,000
4. Who do Angela and Sydelle believe is the murderer (their answer to the game)?
Otis Amber
5. Who did Denton Deer suggest could use plastic surgery on his/her face?
Sandy McSouthers

Chapter 24
1. What does the chapter’s title “Wrong, All Wrong” refer to?
all their answers to the game
2. Because their partners are null and void, what does Theo suggest the heirs do?
they all share all their clues with each other and share the inheritance
3. What was Denton Deere’s diagnosis when Mr. Hoo claimed that the tea might be poisoned?
4. Which heir does Judge Ford believe is actually Sam Westing?
Sandy McSouthers
5. Using the clues provided, who does Sydelle Pulaski announce as the murderer?
Berthe Erica Crow
6. What happens to Sandy after Judge Fors’s realization?
he crashed to the floor and Dr. Sikes pronounced him dead
7. What does Crowe confess to at the end of the chaper?
the murder

Chapter 25
1. What does Denton Deere accuse Turtle of doing to Sandy McSouthers?
kicking him
2. How does Turtle respond to his accusation?
she says that she never kicked him
3. What, according to Judge Ford, is the famous Westing trap that they have all fallen into?
the queen's sacrifice
4. Why does Judge Ford repeatedly call herself stupid?
she had fallen for the queen's sacrifice again
5. What is the significance of November 15, the day of their meeting?
Crow's birthday

Chapter 26
1. Who is the new young lawyer in Judge Ford’s court?
2. Why is everyone surprised when Otis Amber testifies?
he says that he is a private investigator
3. Who are the three people who hired Otis Amber?
Sam Westing, Barney Northrup, and J.J. ford
4. What is a coronary thrombosis in easier terms?
heart attack
5. According to Turtle’s witnessing eyes, what did Crowe fill Sandy’s flask with?
lemon juice
6. Judge Ford believes that Sam Westing had assumed two disguises or identities. Who were they?
barney Northrup and Sandy McSouthers

Chapter 27
1. What announcement doe E.J. Plum, the lawyer, may to the heirs?
that he resigns and he wants nothing to do with the westing estate
2. What does the will state is supposed to happen to Sunset Towers?
they all share the deed to Sunset Towers
3. Why does Turtle say, “Hurry up, Uncle Sam, I can’t keep up this act much longer”? What does she know?
she knows the real answer
4. Which heir finally solves the puzzle and wins the Westing Game?
5. What are the names of Mr. Westing’s four identities? (Hint: Think Nature!)
Julian Eastman, barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Sam Westing

Chapter 28
1. Whose wedding is Turtle going to be late for? Otis
Amber and Crow
2. Who made the bride’s wedding dress?
Flora Baumbach
3. How did Judge Ford intend to continue Sam Westing’s legacy?
pay for Chris' education
4. How has Angela’s life changed? Give at least 2 examples.
Angela gave Denton his ring back
and she helped in the soup kitchen

Chapter 29
1. Why was Mr. Hoo almost happy?
his business was doing good (Hoo's little Foot-eze)
2. What award did Doug Hoo win?
Olympic gold medal
3. What happened to Denton Deere?
he became a neurologist and never married
4. What good things had happened to Chris Theodorakis?
met a girl, took new medicine, he was in college
5. Who was the chess game master that T.R. Wexler had finally defeated?
Sam Westing

Chapter 30
1. Who is dying at the opening of the final chapter?
Sam Westing
2. Why did Turtle lie about Otis and Crow Amber?
she didn't want him to know that they were dead
3. What does Sam Westing know about Angela that surprises Turtle?
she was the bomber
4. What is the irony of Jake Wexler’s new position?
he was a bookie and now he stops other bookies
5. On what day did Samuel Westing die?
the 4th of July

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