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Copy of Compare and Contrast Pearl Harbor and 9/11

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Billemir Medetov

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Compare and Contrast Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Compare and Contrast Pearl Harbor and 9/11
Sneak attacks
These attacks were very secretive. The U.S. had no idea either were coming about. They were sneak attacks, and that made them all the more deadly. These surprises no on expected, so that means life went on as usual. During the attack on Pearl Harbor most of the soldiers were asleep, and not prepared for attack, and also didn't have much time to prepare. Same thing just in different concept happened on 9/11. Planes were sent up in the air as usual, and people went to work as usual, and that means no time to prepare for a major attack.
During these attacks, but mainly when pearl harbor happened there was much discrimination against the Japanese Americans. People during that time targeted these people with actions of abuse, mean words, and even killing. This happened to many Arab Americans and Muslims after 9/11. They would be treated wrongly even though they had no participation in the terrorist attacks. This goes for both group they didn't participate in any of these attacks, but just because of the way they look their lives were ruined.
The U.S. in both situations made sure to find out who to place blame on. They would retaliate in anyway they could. They would always be looking for those responsible so they could get that country or group of people back. As you know the U.S. retaliated to the Pearl Harbor bombings by entering WWII, joining the Allies, and putting an end to the war by dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. Now al-Qaeda and it's leader That was the master mind behind the 9/11 attacks was just eliminated not to long ago.
Meanings of attack
The Pearl Harbor Attack was done as a mean of war. It was to get the U.S. very upset. They didn't think that the U.S. would go as far as they did to end the war I believe. The difference with 9/11 was it was just a straight up terrorists attack. No war was exactly going on, but yes tensions were high, and there was fighting and anger, but no war was going on.
The amount of deaths for both of these attacks were devastating. 9/11 had people suck in the explosions in the World Trade Center, where fire spread like butter on bread. Then all the people in the air planes that died because of the crashes. Also The people that died when the buildings collapsed, and people were stuck in the rubble. At the attack on Pearl Harbor many soldiers died,when the Japanese flew over attacking the base.
Compare to Contrast to
the left the right
World Trade Center
9/11 Attacks
Pearl Harbor
Who actually attacked
There is differences between the actual attackers. At Pearl Harbor it was a actual country attacking the U.S. Japan actually had a planned attack on us and sent there fighter Jets. With 9/11 it was a terrorist group not the country. Al-Qaeda was the group behind all the bombings and chaos on 9/11, not the country they came from.
There was major damage at both these attacks, but there is a major differences though. At Pearl Harbor the attack and damage was pretty much centered in one place. When the World Trade Centers were attacked, there was major damage ash and rubbish covered New York. Planes crash every which way. The whole country during 9/11 was a whole pile of chaos.
The Location it took place
Pearl Harbor is an lagoon harbor on Oahu, it is a pretty secure place since it houses a naval base. The World Trade Center was in the middle of New York, and the attack was in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this working city. The only thing that really didn't make a whole bunch of chaos during the Pearl Harbor attack, which it made a good bit, but the secluded way the harbor is. this isn't the same for New York.
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