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Do Seek Their Meat from God

No description

luna moon

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Do Seek Their Meat from God

Do Seek Their Meat from God
By Charles G.D. Roberts
Author Biography
Canadian poet and historian with an international reputation
best known for animal stories
was born in 1860 in Douglas, New Brunswick
"Do Seek Their Meat from God" was his first published animal story
Story Analysis





Situation: Your friend is alone at a party while you go to the washroom. Your friend is approached by a drug dealer. You just happen to walk by them while your friend is about to give in. What would you do in this situation?
"Thank you for seeing me
I feel so less lonely
Thank you for getting me
I'm healed by your empathy"

"There were so many times, I thought I'd die not being truly known"
The boy is thankful that the settler didn't turn on him and came to save him. The settler empathized about his son being the one alone and scared and how he would feel if someone hurt him.
The boy was scared that he would never be heard or found and would be eaten by the panthers.
a panther symbolizes the antagonist in the story.
a settler symbolizes the protagonist.
This symbolizes "family", meaning that God teaches us to love one another. The boy's father left him alone. God guided the settler to this child so that he could be loved.
Meat symbolizes humans (in this case)
This relates to the title of the story "Do Seek Their Meat from God" because the panthers (the predator) are seeking food, which in this case, is human/ 7 year old boy (meat). Humans come from God, which links to the title "Do Seek Their MEAT FROM GOD".
Connection:Darwin Theory "Survival of the Fittest"
The ones who can fight survive and the weakest ones die off. In the story the main battle was between the panther and the settler. Both parents are trying to support their family but, only the strong will succeed.
The story starts off in a forest with two panthers
and their cubs, trying to find a food source. They
decide to go looking deep in the forest when they hear
the cries of a little boy. The panthers then pursue a
chase to get to the sounds, hoping that they can get
their next meal silently causing no harm to themselves.
Meanwhile, a settler hears cries on his way to his cabin.
As the cries became more loud and clear, the settler decides to find out what's wrong. The panthers, also hearing the sounds more clear and loud begin to race quicker and quicker toward the boys cry, until the boy is in sight. At that same moment the settler emerges from the forest and sees the panthers, then pulls out his rifle and kills them. In the end this caused a rippling effect, ultimately killing the panther's cubs.
rationally make decisions quickly.

indecisive people

family and addictions

dark, depressing

Survival (kill or be killed)

-in a forest
-panthers are getting ready to hunt
Rising Action
-child is alone in the cabin
-panthers approach the cabin

-settler hears the child cry
-settler see's panthers and they fight
-the father panther is shot
Falling Action
-settler comforts the child
-the child reminds the settler of his
own son
-settler takes the child to raise him
as his own.
-settler see's two panthers dead in
a cave.
Person vs Self-

Person vs Nature-

Person vs Person-
Settler vs Himself (should he save who's in danger?)

Settler vs the Forest ( find the boy before the panthers)

Child vs Panthers (panthers want to eat child)
Settler vs Panthers (fighting to save child)

Relates to Pop Culture

In the story the major decision was if the Settler should shoot the panthers or not.
Today the hard decision for us teens are the decisions that could have a huge affect on us and our lives.
Ex: going to parties and making the right decisions.
This story relates to
Pop Culture ...

Justin Bieber
became famous, he had that
about him. This past year he's made decisions that have affected him in a
way. We feel that this story shows readers the
consequences of making the
Name That Animal :)
This story also compares to the
Hunger Games
with the theme "kill or be killed". The settler in the short story had to make a decision of killing the panthers or letting the little boy be killed. In the hunger games when Katniss and Peeta are the final two remaining, they had the decision of "kill or be killed" when they found out that there could only be one winner.


Have everlasting fame, fortune, and nothing else
be with you love and nothing else?
Healthy family of 4
Live in a world where there were no problems
a world where you were the ruler?
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