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KVH Diagnostic Imaging

Explore your local Radiology Department!

Greg Smith

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of KVH Diagnostic Imaging

Come see what we can do!
Diagnostic Imaging
at Klickitat Valley Health

Digital X-ray
The days of x-ray film are past.
Technologists now use imaging plates and
equipment to convert the images into
a digital image.
Cat Scan
Also called CT or Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI uses radio frequency waves and a very strong
magnetic field to produce cross-sectional images
similar to CT images.

MRI does not use x-ray radiation
Mammography is the technique of producing an
x-ray image of breast tissue.

Mammography is the gold standard for early
detection of breast cancer.
Like general x-ray, mammogaphy machines
can be digital or analog.
Klickitat Valley Health uses ultrasound in various
General Ultrasound: all body parts.
Vascular Ultrasound: anything pertaining to blood flow.
Echocardiography: for the heart valves and structure.
Bone Densitometry
The gold standard for detecting osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease, meaning it can
go undetected for many years and leads to
fractures of bones, most commonly of hips
and spinal vertebrae.
Why Digital Imaging Matters
Technologists can use less x-ray radiation to deliver a diagnostic image!

Images can be enhanced for
brightness and contrast.
Also, your exam can travel
with you on a CD.
Images are adjusted to
highlight certain tissues or
body parts
The same image with
high contrast
CT uses x-ray radiation to produce cross-sectional
images that we call slices.
We can scan
body part
We sometimes need to use
"contrast" to enhance certain
body parts or systems
Contrast Types:
Skin BB Markers
and others
MRI Technologists screen
all patients for
metallic implants including
and metallic foreign
bodies in eyes.
Digital Mammography
is currently in use at KVH
The greater Goldendale community and
the KVH Memorial Foundation assisted in
the purchase of the digital mammogram
machine in 2013!
We also travel to any part of the hospital with portable x-ray, fluoroscopy with C-arm and ultrasound.

You may see us in the ER, on the inpatient floor and in surgery!

We often assist physicians in placement of
central venous ports, IV lines, pain injections,
and stabilization of fractured bones,
just to name a few.
and More...
KVH: Need more information?
Me: Yes, please
KVH: visit us online at
Me: Phone number?
KVH: 509-773-1020. For any
questions or to schedule
Me: Thanks!
Use your mouse to click through the presentation or use your right/left arrows to navigate.

Thank you for exploring with us.
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