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Charleston "Ghost Houses"

Several houses/places where people lived or once lived have Ghosts! All located in Charleston, SC

Katy Parsons

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Charleston "Ghost Houses"

Charleston's "Ghost Houses"
By:Katy Parsons Not only do ghosts haunt scary places like
graveyards and cemetaries, but houses, too. It all starts with a young women coming to charleston for a visit. She claims that seeing ghosts “runs in her family.” Margaret Martin DOES surely believe in ghosts. She says this about her experience: “I did not dream it. A dream does not fill one with horror for days, or so unnerve one that no sedative can induce sleep the night after.”

“Old House” is located on Edisto Island (the plantation side of the island). Old House is the oldest known residence on the island! The house is mostly wooden, with a big porch surrounding the whole front side. Margaret came to the house while on vacation, and she said “Even then, at midday with the hot sunshine pouring down, I could feel their presence. (Talking about the ghosts of course!!)

As soon as Margaret entered the house, she immediately asked “so there must be a ghost?” and the hostess said with a smile, “oh yes!” Later in the day Margaret experienced the same “feeling” she had had earlier with the ghost/ghosts. She just ignored it and went back up to the house. That night Margaret was told to leave her bedroom door open, but since there was a dark room across from hers, she nearly refused. However she gave in to a compromise, leaving the door cracked open with a chair in the doorway. Through the night she tossed and turned, at one point facing the door. She opened her eyes to an extremely disturbing sight. That night Margaret was told to leave her bedroom door open, but since there was a dark room across from hers, she nearly refused. However she gave in to a compromise, leaving the door cracked open with a chair in the doorway. Through the night she tossed and turned, at one point facing the door. She opened her eyes to an extremely disturbing sight. A man, dressed in a grey suit was sitting in the chair, starring her down with evil, hateful eyes. Turns out a German had been murdered in the room across the hall. After the confederate war, money and food were starting to become extremely scarce. The German came to live in Old House and opened a little store and sold food and supplies to African Americans. However he cheated many of them and, eventually, they went up in protest. One night a large group of the men broke in to Old House and stormed in his room. He was stabbed violently until death. He has now been known to haunt the dark room in which he was murdered.
THE GHOST AT OLD HOUSE: THE LEGEND AT FENWICK CASTLE A 17 year old girl, Ann Fenwick loved horses. She grew up with them, she cared for them, I mean basically they were her life. However there WAS something she loved more, more than anything, and that was Tony, the horse groomer. After they had confessed their love to each other, Ann asked her father for permission to marry him. Her father refused, but Ann was NOT going to go down that easy. The two were secretly married and they ran off to the marshes of the Ashley River. When Tony and Ann got to the river, they discovered there were no boats in sight! So they waited the night out in an abandoned cabin. When morning came, they stepped out of the cabin to a horrifying sight. They were completely surrounded by Ann’s father and his men. Ann explained passionately that they had been wed the day before. Ann’s father got so angry that he ordered Tony to be put to death. Even worse, Ann was forced to WHIP her husband before he was hung, and they weren’t even allowed to say their goodbyes. Maids dragged her into her father’s mansion, all the while she was calling for Tony. People tried and tried to convince her that he was gone, but she always called. Her search was said to continue until her death, and even after that. Ann’s footsteps can still be heard wandering the halls of Fenwick Castle, followed by her desperate calls for Tony. THE WAYFARER AT SIX MILE HOUSE Lavinia and John Fisher managed a hotel called the Six Mile Wayfarer House. For a few years men had been mysteriously disappearing in the area, and people were beginning to investigate, everyone and everything. But no one eve THOUGHT of accusing the Fishers, as they were well respected by the public. However many of the men who disappeared were said to have had one thing in common, they had all visited the hotel. So an investigator was sent out. When he arrived, Lavinia poured him some tea, but he hated tea so he dumped it out when she wasn’t looking. That night he also chose to sleep on the chair in his room instead of bed, as the bed felt rather hard. Later that night he was awakened by the sound of the bed being pulled under the floor!! He immediately flew out his window and reported back to authorities. Turns out the tea had had deep sleeping potion in it, and under the house was discovered an old dungeon, with hundreds of dead bodies rotting throughout it. Lavinia and John were affirmed serial killers and were sentenced for death. They spent several months in the county jail together before their set date. On their hanging day, Lavinia HATED the idea of someone ELSE killing her, so she committed suicide. It is said Lavinia now haunts the Six Mile House along with the Charleston County Jail that was restored in 2000. THE THIRTEENTH STEP Ammie Jenkins grew up with a little indian boy and they had been best friends ever since childhood. Ammie was a tomboy and loved playing with him in the outdoors. However she grew up all to quickly it seemed for the young boy, she began wearing fancy dresses all the time and doing her makeup. And along with this she was starting to act like an actual young lady! She began seeing him less and less because of her “manners” classes she had explained. One day, she fell in love, and once again was growing up all to quickly, as she was soon engaged. The indian boy soon realized he had been in love with Ammie all along. He then HATED the idea of her engagement. He begged and begged her to go play out in the woods with him like old times, like best friends. But she declined, she claimed she was much to busy with her engagement plans.

He was then infuriated. He decided to proclaim his love to her in hopes she would chose HIM. However she only loved him as a friend, and that was the way it was going to stay. On the day of Ammie’s wedding, while she was walking elegantly out of her bedroom in her wedding dress, a high-pitched yell came from the window. All to quickly a sharp, hand-made arrow pierced her chest. She screamed in horror as she raced out the door, and down the main staircase, where her fiance caught her in his arms...on the 13th Step. The step now has a permanent red blood stain that never seems to show ANY sign of any kind of fading. It is supposedly still “as visible as if the blood was just a day fresh.” And it is said you can now see a shimmering lady in white at the NorthWest window of the house. Resources: -Google Books: “Charleston Ghosts” By Margaret Martin -http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20040729035109/www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/3577/charlesstories.htm -http://www.helium.com/items/1157557-charleston-ghosts Legend has it that when Ann saw Tony’s helpless body swinging from the massive oak tree, she screamed in horror and fell to the ground. THANK YOU!! (:
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