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Automate customisable brand assets to protect brand identity

How can brand managers ensure that all local and global marketing activities accurately reflect brand values?

Adgistics Ltd.

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Automate customisable brand assets to protect brand identity

Established brands often plan to expand into new markets. In order to successfully expand your brand into new markets an efficient BAM system is a vital tool.
How do I save time and money on delivery and avoid duplication of brand assets?
Understand how content is created and distributed across all marketing channels to ensure consistency in representing the brand
Automate customisable brand assets to protect brand identity
Enabling local stakeholders to develop on-brand marketing campaigns and driving competitiveness constantly enforces the brand identity.
We look at how businesses can protect their brand identity across diverse and emerging markets.
Social media and other digital channels require identical creation and distribution in order to safeguard the brand identity and avoid dilution
Review, measure and adapt internal processes with
tools that ensure efficient roll out of campaigns.
This can be done by educating users on practical processes, heritage and other best practice branding guides through a brand asset management system.
How do I provide easy access for partners/agencies whilst ensuring that the brand is accurately represented?
The Brand Centre® system is accessible anywhere, at any time.

This means a global brand team can effectively manage localised teams, people and resources with one centralised coherent solution.

Review all workflows and approvals effectively
by setting usage rights and access permissions
to control the brand identity.
How do I roll out campaigns quickly and effectively in various markets?
Audit trails, reviews and approvals aid the go-to-market rollout of promotional campaigns.

Implementing a BAM system streamlines the content creation and gives agencies control, efficiency and agility to adhere to the brand’s look and feel.

It’ll enable key stakeholders complete visibility of
all spending to calculate an accurate ROI.
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