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Is yo mama

Yo mama so fat, when she jumps, she gets stuck!

Giovanni Perez

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Is yo mama

Technology Stuff Video Game Creation
and Development What is it? I don't freakin know! I'm just kidding, I do know! Game development is a software development process by which a video game is produced. Development is undertaken by a game developer, which may range from a single person to a large business. Development of a game has changed greatly in the past years,having to now require many people working on a video game to even keep up with the modern pace the industry creates. Now down to the nitty gritty! So, what exactly has to happen in order to make a video game, technologically speaking? When a team finally passes the progress of proposing an idea for a game, the development team goes straight into when they're paid to do, develop. What usually occurs next is the building of a rough prototype just to have an idea and a image to associate with the concept proposed. This is done usually with
a game development tool.
The one on the right is an
example of one used back in
the 1990's. When I say rough, I mean
VERY ROUGH. That's what she said! Once this is done, the "game"
goes through many more stages
that doesn't exactly involve
technology but does shape what
has already been made. Once the code is considered playable,
it is tested on whatever console will
be considered for release. And after everything is done,then
the game sees its final coding, then
shipped off in whatever form of console
it will be available on, awaiting its
release day.
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