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Digital Photography Portfolio, Fall 2012 – Haa-Young Lee

This body of work was created during the fall semester of 2012 in Mr. Ippolito’s Digital Photography class at OTHS.

Haa-Young Lee

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Digital Photography Portfolio, Fall 2012 – Haa-Young Lee

Digital Photography Portfolio
Fall 2012 by Haa-Young Lee This was the first project ever completed in this course. We were told to take pictures of objects outside of our school. Since we had no guidelines for this project, there was little knowledge about composition. However, I feel as though contrast and leading lines were used well. Test Shots Intro to Composition We were told to create posters that would advertise the harmful effects of bullying and how it can be stopped. Photoshop was used to create the posters as well as make the images black and white. I feel that the use of asymmetrical balance and lighting strengthen the images. Anti-Bullying PSA Posters After learning about depth of field and how to use the aperture priority setting, we were told to shoot objects in different setting while utilizing depth of field in our shots. I feel that asymmetry and successful use of depth of field make the images. However, noisy backgrounds and color balance offset the photographs. Depth of Field Framing Leading Lines Pattern Rule of Thirds After learning about photographic composition, we were told to use our new skills and shoot interesting images found in our school. Additionally, Photoshop was utilized to make the images black and white. I feel as the though the overall project was successful; however, a few errors such as focus and incorrect use of framing are evident. Shutter Speed Panning Stop-Action Subject-Motion Blur After learning about shutter priority mode, we were told to utilize it in 3 different ways. Subjects were used to capture motion. Some images are strong and exemplify good use of shutter speed and contrast, however some are not up to par due to the fact that I did not fully grasp this concept. Special Effects In this project, we took un-submitted images and gave them special effects with Photoshop. We learned about many different tools and aspects found in Photoshop. The images are successful in portraying artful editing and also compositional elements including rule of thirds and pattern. Isolated Color In this project, Photoshop (more specifically inverse selection) was used to isolate color in an image. The images successfully portray rule of thirds and leading lines as well as interesting lighting, Environmental Portrait In this assignment, we were asked to shoot a subject while successfully portraying their personalities and hobbies within the images. Photoshop was used to adjust the lighting and crop the images. Leading lines, contrast, and point of view are successfully used. Light Painting After learning about ISO and slow shutter speeds, we were asked to paint with light. A flashlight, slow shutter speed, and high ISO make these images successful. The effect of the flashlight in darkened room results in interesting, unique images. Photo Essay Keeping a sense of composition in mind, we were told to create an "essay" with different steps of a hobby or process. I chose to create an essay about drawing with pencil, since I enjoy doing this in my free time. Photoshop was used to balance colors as well as create the collage. Framing, leading lines, and interesting angles make each the images successful individually and as a whole. Object Study Again, keeping compositional elements in mind, we were told to take photos of different aspects of a single objects. Photoshop was utilized to create the collage as well as brighten the images. Contrast, especially in the image of the silhouette, as well as framing and pattern make the images successful. Self Portrait In this assignment, we were told to take images of ourselves in interesting environments. Photoshop was utilized to make the images black and white, and the self-timer setting on the camera was used in most of the photographs. I also utilized light painting, contrast, and different angles to make the concluding images more interesting and successful. Within this course, I have learned how to successfully utilize compositional elements to strengthen images. I learned about different camera setting and how to properly use each one. Most importantly, I learned how to effectively take artistic photographs due to the various projects we completed. Since I am interested in pursuing art in the future, these elements will aid me in my artistic career as well. Overall, this course has taught me how artistic and beautiful photography can really be!
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