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The Child's Story by Charles Dickens

No description

M Roberts

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Child's Story by Charles Dickens

The Child's Story by Charles Dickens
Typical short story and the Purpose of the author
• POV- Narrator
• Character
• Setting

Language and style
• Repetition
• Metaphors and Symbolism
• Simplicity

Reader Response
It makes you realize that our lives are pretty similar, we all lose people close to us and we all grow older.
The Story
Values & Attitudes
About a man that goes on a journey.

"It was a magic journey, that seem very long when he began it, and very short when he got half way through."
Finding yourself and all have their own path to take
Aging and moving on accepting it
Metaphors and Symbolism
“been open and green… wood in spring”
“now began to be thick and dark… wood in summer”

“Wood was yellow and now brown… began to fall” and “near the end of the wood… sunset”
“And I think the traveller must be yourself, dear Grandfather”
“He travelled along a rather dark path for some little time"
“It had been open and green at first” ”now began to be thick and dark”
“they came to a long green avenue that opened into deeper woods”
“and when he passed out of the wood, and saw the peaceful sun going down"

Narrator POV
Finding yourself and all have their own path to take
Aging and moving on accepting it
“There was a traveller”

The simplicity of the language reflects the fairytale like style of the story.
decide who you are and what type of person you are going to be
everyone has their own identity and a different path to take
others can also help us become who we are
everyone needs to accept the idea of growing up
need to move on, to keep finding yourself and meeting new people.
Towards the end to be able to look back and remember
How conventions help you understand the main idea
3rd person omniscient
Traditional beginning
Get to know multiple characters
no names

No, its flat because it doesn't have a climax
to present life
everyone has their own magical journey to take
to find our purpose in life
transition in life

- a beautiful child who's always playing, a boy who's always learning, a young man who's always in love, a gentlemen who's always busy, and lastly the old man who's always remembering
- people are like intersecting lines they meet once and drifts apart forever
-"i think the traveller must be yourself, dear grandfather"

what do you do here
the traveller lost the...
father im going to...
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