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Me and My Best Friend Elise

No description

reagan obry

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Me and My Best Friend Elise

Me and My Best Friend Elise Braunel
if we ever seprate
I will go crazy losing my BOBFFAE and I don't know what I would do without her I would...
lose my partner in everything
My sister from another Mister
and lose my other half
Dear Elise
I will be your Best friend forever and if you every do something stupid or if somebody hurts you or if anything that make you scared or frightened I will be the one next to you do the same stupid thing or the one with bruised knuckles because I punched the person who made you cry or I will be there next to you being scared too.
Love you Braunel
the day we met
We met in 3rd grade playing YMCA basketball on the purple team then a year later 4th grade we met in the same math class and were partners everyday. in 5th grade we were had the same teacher Mrs. Breider and that's when it was a official no one could get between us and in 6th grade we became BOBFFAE's and that means best of bestest friends forever and ever. And this year even with only 2 classes together we are inseparable.
in the future
We will marry twins and live in a mansion together and have 2 golden retrievers named Tucker and Chelsey and have a basketball court in our backyard.
what we have in common
we have the same friends
we laugh at our own laughs
we are BOBFFAE's together
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