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"Into the Wild" Timeline

No description

carmen cardenas

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of "Into the Wild" Timeline

Carmen Cardenas "Into the Wild" Timeline May 12 1990 - Chris graduates Emory University in Atlanta. July 6, 1990 - McCandless set out to hike at Lake Mead in Nevada. July 10, 1990 - Chris abandones his car after it gets damaged. He puts his things into his backpack and heads out. Beginning of August 1990 - Chris's parents hadn't heard of Chris so they decide to visit him, to find that his apartment had been vacant since the end of June. When they return home they find the letters they'd sent Chris that summer. August 10, 1990 Chris gets a ticket for hitchhiking in Willow Creek, California. October 28, 1990 - Chris catches a ride to Needles, California. Then walked through the desert, 12 miles, until he reached Topock, Arizona where he bought a secondhand aluminum canoe. September 10 - Wayne Westerberg picks up Chris. 1990 December 2, 1990 - Chris reaches the Morelos Dam... ...and the Mexican border. October 23, 1990 - Because there was no work at the grain elevator, Chris left town and resumed a nomadic existence. End of November, 1990 he paddled through Yuma, where he stopped long enough to replenish his provissions and send a postcard to Westberg. December 25, 1990 - Seeking refuge from high winds, he discovers a cave on the face of a bluff, and stays there for 10 days. 1991 December 14-24, 1990 - tired of paddling, he hauled the canoe far up the beach. He set up camp on the edge of a desolate plateau. January 11, 1991 - Gets back in his canoe, he encounters a violent storm that almost drowns him. This led him to decide to abandon the canoe and return north. January 16, 1991 - Left his canoe on a hummock of dune grass southeast of El Golfo de Santa Clara, starts walking north up the deserted beach. January 18, 1991 - He was back at the United States border, gets caught by immigration trying to slip into the country without ID, spends the night in jail. January–February 1991 - Travels to Houston and makes his way to the Pacific coast. February 3, 1991 - Chris goes to Los Angeles to get an ID and a job but feels extremely uncomfterable in society and returns to the road. February 9, 1991 - Camps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a young German couple who had given him a ride. Writes in his journal that he has lost over 25 pounds. February 24, 1991 - Digs up the few belongings that he buried in the sand when he abandoned his Datsun. February 27, 1991 - Buries his backpack and hitchhikes into Las Vegas. May, 1991 - Leaves Las Vegas. July–August, 1991 - Chris is living on the Oregon coast, he sends a postcard to Jan Burres complaining about the interminable fog and rain. September, 1991 - Chris hitched down U.S. Highway 101 into California, then once again to the east and into the desert again. October 1991 - Arrives in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he works for two months at McDonald's and lives in an empty RV. December 9, 1991 - Sends a postcard to Jan Burres in Niland, California, Chris includes a map so she and her boyfriend Bob can visit him in Bullhead City. December 13, 1991 - Chris unexpectedly appears at Burres's campsite at The Slabs campground in Niland.

1992 January 1992 - Meets Ronald Franz while hitchhiking near California's Salton Sea. February 1992 - Chris gets dropped off by Franz at the San Diego waterfront. Mails Jan Burres a postcard telling her that he has been living on the streets in San Diego for a week. March 5, 1992 - Chris sends postcards to Burres and Franz from Seattle. March 12, 1992 - Chris calls Franz from Coachella, California, and asks Franz to pick him up. March 13, 1992 - Chris spends one night at Franz's house. March 14, 1992 - Franz drives Chris to Grand Junction, Colorado. March, 1992 - Chris works at Wayne Westerberg's grain elevator in Carthage, South Dakota. March 1992 - Chris leaves Carthage, bound for Alaska. April 13–15, 1992 - Stops at Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada, where he is stuck for two days before hitching a ride. April 18, 1992 -Chris hitchhikes north. Takes a photo of the sign that marks the official start of the Alaska Highway. April 28, 1992 - Waking down the highway Chris is picked up by Jim Gallien. May 1, 1992 - he finds an old bus beside the Sushana River and decides to stay for a while. August 5, 1992: Writes "DAY 100! MADE IT!" and "BUT IN WEAKEST CONDITION OF LIFE. DEATH LOOMS AS SERIOUS THREAT." August 12, 1992 - Chris posts an S.O.S. note on the bus door meanwhile he looks for berries.
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