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Class Procedures

First day of school procedures to review with class. Also includes behavior system, etc.

Haley Bathiany

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Class Procedures

Welcome Back!
Mrs. Bathiany's Class Procedures
Good morning! I am so excited to be your homeroom teacher this year. I hope you are excited, too. We will be doing lots of learning and having lots of fun this year, but it is important we know and follow our class procedures in order to have the best year possible.
Please enter the room QUIETLY. As you enter, move your name circle to the "present" side so I know you are here for a day full of learning.

Go directly to your seat and unpack ALL materials needed for the day. Take out your homework folder and turn your homework in the appropriate bin.

Hang up your backpack and organize your materials for the day.

Check the SMART board for the morning work assignment. Work quietly until the next activity. You may read silently when you finish your morning work.
Beginning of the Day
Label all papers in the top right hand corner with your name, student #, date, and assignment.
Completing and Turning in Work
Haley Bathiany, #1
August 8, 2012
math p. 12 (4-20 even)
complete ALL parts of the assignment
Staple all parts of the assignment together including scrap paper. Staple OR written work to the FRONT of your prompt.
Before turning in any work, please
your name. If you have not written your name this is your chance to add it. If you turn in any work WITHOUT name there will be a penalty.
Warrior bucks will be earned throughout the year for different things. Those bucks can be spent on rewards throughout the year, or they can be saved for an end of the year auction.
Warrior Bucks
You are all starting with TEN warrior bucks. I suggest you write your name on your baggy.
Things you can EARN warrior bucks for:
1. writing in your agenda daily
2. getting your agenda signed each night
3. staying on green all week
4. doing your class job
5. turning in homework all week
Things you OWE warrior bucks for:
1. no agenda
2. no name on papers
3. forget supplies
4. extra copy of paper
There are two cups by the pencil sharpeners. The first cup says "I'm sharp". This is where you can retrieve a sharpened pencil during instruction. Please DO NOT use the sharpeners while I am teaching or if it will cause a distraction to what we are doing as a class. If your pencil is broken or dull, and it is one of my pencils, please place it in the "please sharpen" cup.
Pencil Procedure
Please remember that pencils are a natural resource. Let's not be wasteful of them. If broken pencils are becoming a common trend for you (and I can tell when they have been broken on purpose) you will not be allowed to use Mrs. Bathiany's pencils and you will have to provide your own.
Unless it has legs, it did not walk away. Look for it!!!
Try looking:
under your desk
under papers on your desk
on the floor
in your lap
in your book
on your neighbors desk
in your hand (sometimes it happens!)
Missing Something???
Found Something???
Unless you purchased it or brought it from home it does NOT belong to you just because you found it.
If it is on the floor, that is because someone else has misplaced it there. Please do the RIGHT THING and let me know so we can find its owner. (Who knows, there may even be a reward for being honest).

A colored pencil or highlighter will be used to grade. YOUR name should be written on the top of the paper so I know who did the grading.
Please only make a small X on the paper if an answer is INCORRECT. Please also write the CORRECT ANSWER.
Write the total number of problems missed on the top of the front page and circle it.
Please make all marks neatly. This is SOMEONE'S paper that they spent a lot of time on, and they deserve to receive it back looking as professional as when they turned it in.
Return the paper to its owner (unless otherwise noted).
Grading Papers in Class
When it is time to switch to one activity from another we will do it SILENTLY. This is not a time to begin new conversations. You need to finish what you were doing, and quickly and quietly get your materials ready for the next activity.
When you have your materials ready, please do not talk. Either read silently, or think back to what we did in the class the day before so you brain can be ready to learn!
I will get your attention by saying "If you can hear my voice clap once...etc. I will then give you a certain amount of time to make your transition.
When I need you to stop what you are doing and give me your attention I will say in a quiet voice " If you can hear my voice _______". Sometimes I will say clap, sometimes I will say something else. You have to be listening to know what to do.
Getting Your Attention
When you hear this, you are to join in on my direction. Do NOT TALK while you do this. The point is for others to hear or see you do what I ask and get quiet as well.
If this takes longer than THREE times, there will be a consequence for anyone not on a level zero with eyes on me.
This year we are going to focus on MANNERS and respect in our classroom. We are a family and we are going to act like it.
When you need MY attention
This means, please do not continue repeating my name over and over again until I answer you. Please raise your hand and wait quietly. I will answer your question when I am able to.
If it is an emergency and you cannot wait but I am busy with something else please say politely, "Excuse me Mrs. Bathiany".
Please do not interrupt me when I am speaking with an adult. We want to be a classroom full of polite and respectful fourth graders. Any visitor in our room should be BLOWN AWAY by how matures and respectful all of your act ALL the time.
In order to have the best year possible we will be using the behavior clip chart. This chart will do TWO things:
Classroom Behavior
First, it will REWARD you for good behavior.. Let's look at the 7 habits.. When you are seen doing these things EXTRAORDINARILY, I will say "clip up". At that time, you will move your name clip up one level. Sometimes I may simply walk by and move your clip up on my own. I want to reward you for being fantastic students as well as "a family".
Second, this chart will keep track of negative behaviors in the classroom.
Here are some behaviors that will cause you to "clip down"
being disrespectful to ANYONE
not following directions
being off task
not following PBS
Remember, I WANT you all to "clip up" everyday, not down. I am not out to get you in trouble. I want you all to be successful and the best student you can be!!!
This year, we are going to focus on being respectful inside AND outside of our classroom. When we leave our room we are representing our "family" and we want it to be a positive image all throughout the school.
Younger students are watching us and wanting to be like us, so it is time we step up and set a good example. Being kind to people will take you VERY far in life and being respectful will always be something you will have to do, in all settings.
This year, we are going to be rewarded for being OUTSTANDING when we are not in the classroom. If you are given a compliment by an adult in the building THAT IS NOT ME, the class will receive a compliment. When the compliment jar is full, there will be a class-wide reward.
These compliments apply to hallway behavior, behavior in specials, behavior on the play ground, behavior in the lunchroom, behavior in the bus room, etc.
Compliment Jar
I will say "let me see tables ready to line up". At this point ALL students will stand up SILENTLY, push in their chair, and stand behind it.
I will then line tables up one by one. You are to line up with your table. DO NOT WAIT FOR A FRIEND. Line up in the order you are called with feet together and hands to your side. There is NO TALKING while in line.
Lining Up to Leave the Room
Standing in line will ALWAYS be a part of your life. We do it at the movie theatre, Walmart, McDonalds... you will be doing it FOREVER. So, we might as well do it right.
When in line:
1) walk on the third block from the wall on the right side of the hallway.
2) keep our hands to ourselves.
3) keep walking- no stopping for drinks, restroom, etc.
4) ZERO voice level. If we cannot stay at this level we will go back and try again.
5) Make me and yourself PROUD. (Remember, this a time you can earn a ticket.
Mrs. Bathiany will excuse groups by table during restroom breaks. There are to be no more than 3 students in the restroom at a time.
Using the Restroom
Don't dilly daddle in the restroom. OTHERS ARE WAITING. The bathroom is not a place for conversations- it's yucky.
If you need to use the restroom during class time I am trusting you to be a responsible 4th grader. There is a boy and girl hall pass hanging by the door. If your hall pass is there, you may excuse yourself to the restroom. You do not need to ask or tell me you are going. HOWEVER you will have to pay me an etna buck. The hall pass is ONLY GOOD FOR ONE PERSON. If the hall pass is already in use, you may not go to the restroom at that time.
There will be some times when I will take the hall passes off of the wall. When this happens, it is not a time when you can excuse yourself and you will need to ask. Just because you ask does not mean you will be given permission. If you have a special circumstance where you need to go to the bathroom more often, please speak with me privately.
You will have an opportunity to get a drink when we restroom as a group. During class time, you are not allowed to excuse yourself for a drink. I PROMISE I WILL GIVE YOU OPPORTUNITIES TO GET A DRINK IF YOU DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE.
Getting a Drink
Lining up for lunch will be very similar to lining up any other time. The only difference is ANYONE WHO HAS PACKED THEIR LUNCH NEEDS TO GRAB THEIR LUNCH AS THEY WALK UP. All students should sanitize their hands on the way our the door.
Standing in the lunch line is another opportunity when you are representing YOURSELF, OUR CLASS, and EES. You need to stay in a single file line even if it is out in the hallway.
When you are in the lunchroom the lunchroom monitors are in charge and deserve all of your respect. REMEMBER, they can give you a compliment.
I have a collection of books in the classroom that are for you to use. I am providing you will these books with the understanding that you will RESPECT them. I have paid for them and I expect you to RETURN them to me in the same condition as when you checked them out.
Using the Library
Checking out a book:
1) You have THREE minutes to choose a book you would like to read.
2) go to our class librarian and have them check out your book by writing the title, on your library card. You then place your library card in the book chart by the door.
3) When you are finished with the book you need to return the book to librarian to check back in. If you have not returned a book you may not check out another.
4) If you FINISH a book, you will fill out a reflection and get a punch on your punch card. These will earn you rewards.
If you need a tissue you can excuse yourself to the nearest tissue box location to get one. If you have a cold you may ask to have some placed on your desk or closer to you for convenience.
If you need to throw something away you can do it during times when I am not teaching in front of the class. If I am instructing the entire class and you feel getting up would be a distraction- please wait.
When the principal comes on the announcements in the morning the entire class should immediately go to a ZERO voice level and turn their attention to the announcements. There may be something important that you need to know.
During the pledge of allegiance students need to stand up and turn toward the flag, with your hand on your chest. Every morning doing this should be a reminder that you live in a country where you HAVE THE RIGHT to get an education. There are many children in the world who would trade everything to get to be sitting in a desk like you are today. Be thankful for it!
Morning Announcements
If for some reason I have to step outside of the room or have to talk with an adult in the classroom, please make me proud. Wait quietly and continue working until I am finished. It is important to learn SELF CONTROL. This means you continue to do the right thing even when no one is watching you.
Visitor in Classroom
Phone Calls
If the phone rings... it is probably for me. So please allow me to answer it unless I personally ask you to get it instead. When I am on the phone, the class needs to get to a ZERO voice level. This is another time you are representing our class.
Let's review the playground rules that should be VERY familiar by now:
1) one person on slide at a time
2) feet first down slide
3) keep bottom on swing
4) don't walk under monkey bars when someone is using them
5) walk around the swings and not in the path of the swingers
6) keep hands and feet to yourself- unless playing tag
7) abide by all game rules- set them prior to the game so everyone playing is clear
8) listen to the teacher at all times
9) be respectful of all children- in all classes
Playground Behavior
Remember this is a time you can earn a TICKET
During an emergency, the most important thing is to LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS. We will review our procedures for tornado and fire drills. Even if it is only a drill it is very important to remain quiet and quickly follow the procedure.
Emergency Procedures
These are opportunities when TICKETS can be earned if other teachers or staff notice your excellent behavior.
When you finish class work and are looking for something to do you have a few options:
read silently
work on unfinished work
work on unfinished writing prompts
Free Time
At the end of the day, Mrs. Bathiany will write all of the night's homework on the homework board. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to record all homework in your agenda.
After you have recorder your homework, I will call tables to go to their cubbies to get their work to be placed in either the "keep at home" or the "return to school" side.
Clear off your desk. When you leave here there should not be anything on the top of your desk.
Put your chair on your desk.
Walk down the hall at a ZERO level. (another chance for a compliment)
End of the Day
I can't wait for all of the fun we are going to have this year. We are ALL going to leave at the end of this school year better than we came (me included). We are going to work on growing not only in our classes but in our relationships, manners, and respect for others. Now, let's get started!!!!!
In common areas, tickets will be given out for students demonstrating exceptional behavior. Those tickets will be entered into a drawing.
In MY classroom, puffballs will be given out for exceptional behavior, outstanding work, etc. 3 puffballs earn you a lottery ticket.
Afernoon Snacks
Since we have such an early lunch, we will allow you to have a healthy snack in the afternoon. You must provide your own snack that can be eaten quickly and without making a mess. A list of healthy options will be sent home to your parents.
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