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Lindsey Lanigan

on 2 December 2009

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Transcript of Jaws

JAWS (1975) Roy Scheider- Brody
Robert Shaw-Quint
Richard Dreyfuss- Hooper
Jaws won many awards! Academy award for best film editing
Academy award and Golden Globe for best original score
Academy award for best sound
When a gigantic great white shark begins to attack the small beach in the city of Amity, 3 men, Broady, Quint and Hooper set out to stop the shark from attacking. (IMDb) Bill Butler won an award for lifetime achievement in 2002 by the American Society of Cinematographers. (IMDb)
he was also nominated for best editing for a clockwork orange in 1971 by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. (all movie) Steven Spielberg also directed:
Saving Private Ryan
Jurassic Park
Indiana Jones
(movie lists) Roy Scheider was also cast in movies including:
The French Connection
Jaws 2
S2 Pick-up Robert Shaw was also featured in:
The Sting
The Caretaker
Hamlet Richard Dreyfuss also played roles in:
Stand by Me
The graduate
Moon Over Parador ACTORS COST Jaws cost around 8 million dollars to make.
(jaws movie) $ $ FILMING
the majority of Jaws was filmed at an island off the coast of Massachusetts. (IMDb)
SHOT BY SHOT # 1 JAWS broke all box office records to become the highest grossing film of all time in 1975 at 260 million dollars (Jaws Movie) Box office 1. hooper is lowered into the water inside a big sturdy cage, high angle shot.
2. low angle shot, still getting lowered into the water.
3. famous JAWS music starts, far shot of shark swimming toward camera, camera shooting from under water.
4. switches bact to close up of hooper fixing his goggles.
5. shot from aboard boat shows barells that are connected to shark moving quickly towards camera, music gets faster.
6. back under water over shoulder shot of shark approaching cage, camera pans from over shoulder to close up of hooper in cage, shakey filming
7. full body shot of shark, shark swims past camera
8. above angle medium close up of Hooper in cage, camera pans with his face and then zooms out
9. music fades away as shark swims away.
10. close up of Hooper in cage.
11. switches to view of ocean but no sign of shark in his view, complete silence.
12. over the shoulder shot pans to let side view of Hooper, on far right half of hoopers body is on screen and on far left is the needle, zooms in on hand and needle. still silent.
13. low angle shot of him in cage, SHARK ATTACKS cage from behind him, camera shakes, JAWS music playing very loud.
14.close up of him in panic, camera shaking vigorously, he drops the spear.
15. close up of vicious shark, shark turns away from camera.
16. spear hits the ocean floor. hes doomed.
17. low angle shot of him in cage panicking, he turns around in cage, turns his back to camera.
18. below shot shooting straight up at him from underneath the cage, hes trying to find a way out of the cage.
19. close up of spear laying on ground
20. low shot from behind of Hooper in cage, he quickly turns around, cage shakes
21. quick flip of camera to other side of cage, close up of Hooper, terrified
22. over shoulder shot of shark coming at him face on, unsteady camera as if connected to cage
23. side view of shark trying to eat cage.
24. close up of Hooper screaming
25. Shark atttacking reletlessly, still shaky camera. Historical Context of the 70's
The watergate scandal involving Richard Nixon took place in 1974 who was accused of the watergate cover-up.
The U.S was deeply involved into affairs with China, Russia and also Vietnam
The Apollo XIII explosion happened in 1970
Known as the Disco Decade-it was the time of hippies, flower children and free love.
It was remembered for bell bottoms, hip huggers, mini skirts, polyester suits and platform shoes.
The skateboard and video cassette were both invented. There were bean bag chairs, mood rings, pet rocks, stobe lights, lava lamps and disco balls.
Other movies that were famous besides Jaws: Star Wars, Grease, The Exorcist, Shining and Saturday Night Fever.
(1970's homepage)

Short shorts in the 70's were really popular, and in the movie the boys all wore short shorts, like in this picture where they have swimming shorts on. (1970's homepage) SHOT BY SHOT # 2 1. long shot of Brody on the boat post, barely out of the water.
2. close-up of the shark submerging out of the water.
3. medium-close up of Brodys reaction.
4. High angle shot of Brody on the far left of the frame and Shark filling up most of the right
5. low angle shot of Brody with a spear.
6. long shot of Brody trying to spear the shark.
7. shark struggling in the water while getting stabbed by the spear.
8. close up of shark fighting.
9. medium close up of Brody's struggle to fight the shark off.
10. back to medium close up of shark being stabbed.
11. back to medium close up of Broady struggling to kill the shark
12. medium close up of shark taking spear and submerging back into water
13. long shot of Broady on boat post with gun.
14. shot of the ocean water, sharks fin sticking out of the water in the distance.
15. Long shot with Brody on far right of the frame and shar fins to the left, the boat is slowly sinking
16. close up of shark with the tank in its mouth.
17. medium close up of Brody waiting to shot the shark with his gun up to his face 18. shot of water showing gun shot hit the water near the shark.
19. close up of shark with tank in mouth swimming towards Brody.
20. medium close up of Brody with gun
21. shows bullet piercing through water
22. close-up of Broady with gun.
23.chot of shark swimming towards Brody.
24. back to gun shooting bullet, miss
25. close up of shark with tank in mouth still
26. close up of gun shooting off
27. back to shark swimming at Brody
28. close up of Broady with gun saying "Die you son of a *$&#@"
29. close up of shark with tank in mouth
30. long shot of the explosion of the shark
31. shot under water of explosion, blood and guts flying everywhere
32. Back to long shot of explosion above water, lots of bloody water
33. close up of water splashing brody and his excited facial expression that he had because he finally killed the BEAST.
34. long shot of shark chunks hitting the water in the distance
35. shot from under water, chunks of shark sinking, JAWS is dead. Created By:
Lindsey Lanigan
Amanda Johnson
Carly Kern
Pat Hafner
David Rademacher Analysis-
in these cuts Steven Spielberg empasized the mightyness of Jaws by first off adding music and second, having the intensity of the music build up as the shark gets closer and closer. the music dies down when the shark is out of sight. the music is played all throughout the movie whenever Jaws is about to attack.

the shaking of the camera makes the viewer feel as if they are experienceing the same thing that Hooper is in this clip.

when the camera shows a full body shot of the shark it really shows how huge it is. its one of the very few times you see the full body and it shows how dangerous it really is.

the low angle shots may symbolize how he could be in deep trouble and may never be getting out of there alive.

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"Jaws frequently asked questions". Jaws movie" 18Nov.2009 <http://www.Jawsmovie.com/1/faq.asp>

"Bill Butler". all movie. MacrovisionCo. 18Nov.2009 <http://www.allmovie.com/artist/bill-butler-83706/awards>

"welcome to the disco decade". 1970's Homepage. 18Nov.2009 <http://www.tqnyc.org/2004/NYC040649/1970//index.htm>
In this shot they camera switched back and forth
between the shark and Brody several times. This way
got to see the struggle between both characters. There are also several long shots in the scene. It shows
the overall view of what is going on so the watcher
can get a clear understanding. Also throughout the whole scene the famous
Jaws music plays to intrigue the viewer
on what will happen next.
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