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Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Heroku

Presentation from JAX 2013 about Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Heroku - part of the PaaS Parade.

Eberhard Wolff

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Heroku

Platform and other Services Flexibility Tools History & Origin Amazon Web Services
Proven foundation
Used for many other cloud plattforms
…and by many users
Includes monitoring
No additional charges to EC2 / S3
Free tier (750 h/month for one year) available Part of the deployable artifact
declaratively install packages & libraries
configure software components
run commands
set environment variables
create users & groups Configuration Files Tuning possible
E.g. JVM parameters
Load balancer configuration
Can even use your own system images
i.e. can add software, fine tune …
Can log into running servers
Session handling can be tuned
Can use EC2 if Elastic Beanstalk is not flexible enough All web console action also possible using SOAP Web Services

Eclipse Plug In
Manage all AWS resources (EC2, S3…)
Manage Elastic Beanstalk server just like local servers More tools Web UI
Wizard to create new application
+ environment to run the application on Web Console Servers automatically started
(Auto Scaling)

Failed servers will be restarted
Servers can run in several data centers Scaling / High Availability OpenJDK + Tomcat

Standard Java Programming Model

Also supported: Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js (Linux), .NET (Windows Server 2008R2) Programming Model EC2 Server
Scaling Elastic Load Balancer / Auto Scaling
Deploy artefacts on S3 Elastic Beanstalk in a Nutshell Other Amazon Services Eberhard Wolff
Twitter: @ewolff
Architecture & Technology Manager
adesso AG Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Proven foundation
Standard Java stack (Tomcat + OpenJDK)
World wide availability (incl. Europe)
Lots of additional services Highlights Easy to create a new environment
E.g. for testing, staging
URLs can be swapped
deploy new version on new environment
switch URLs
zero downtime Some tricks... Amazon: cloud pioneer
Original offerings
EC2 Elastic Computer Cloud
S3 Simple Storage Service
Many other offerings
E.g. (relational) databases, Map / Reduce …
Foundation for many other services Platform and other Services Flexibility Heroku supports Add-ons
Postgresql and memcached by Heroku
Many 3rd party
E.g. relational databases, NoSQL databases, logging, caches…
Configuration passed to service via environment variables Amazon Web Services
US East region only
Proven foundation
Can use AWS resources as part of the solution

750h per month free Plattform Dynos: processes run on Heroku
Procfile defines command line to start a “Dyno”
Can be tuned and changed

Can create custom “Buildpack” to run entirely different environments
Available as Open Source e.g. for Ruby, PHP, Erlang, EmacsLisp… Tools Servers must be manually started for scaling

Failed servers will be restarted Scaling / High Availability Jetty, Tomcat or Play! web server
Worker for background activities

Standard Java Programming Model Programming Model Originally started as Ruby PaaS

Now: Support for Node.js, Clojure, Scala and Python

Acquired by Salesforce.com History & Origin Eberhard Wolff
Twitter: @ewolff
Architecture & Technology Manager
adesso AG Very flexible: Supports many different environments

Broad range of additional services

Also covers build Highlights Max source and build artifact size: 200MB
No sticky sessions
Dynos may not use more than 512MB RAM
I.e. max JVM heap about 400MB Restrictions Other Services heroku tool creates an empty git repository
Deploy new versions with git
Build (maven) done by Heroku
Build automatically deployed
No specialized tools needed – git is enough
Integration with Atlassian Bamboo possible
New: WAR deployment Other Tools heroku
E.g. creates new applications
Other management functions
Also available: Eclipse Plug In Command Line Tool Elastic Load Balancer
Auto Scaling
starts new EC2 instances
EBS: Elastic Block Storage
virtual hard disks
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