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Ethical Debate

Targeting minorities for company's products is exploitative VS trageting minorties is sound business practice.

Jael Santos

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Ethical Debate

Debate "Targeting minorities for a company's products is sound business practice!" Targeting minorities for a company's products is exploitative


Targeting minorities is a sound business practice The Topic Produced by:

Isabel Eisenach
Jael Santos What is a minority ? Introduction Multicultural
marketing "Targeting minorities for a company's products is exploitative!" REBUTTAL CONCLUSIONS ANY QUESTIONS? The
Consumer what can you relate to? examples Family values &
traditions Vulnerable Market Segment The Marketers Themselves Protection to avoid Exploitative Marketing Establish a
relationship (benefits) Differences in taste Targeted because of a weakness
Often lack of information/education about products Information is a powerful tool and should be used Responsibly and Prudently! "The code of Ethics of the American Marketing Association" Sexual Merchandise for children Examples Incentives at festivals The
COMPANY satisfy the wants & needs of
a target segment! Increase of minority's
market presence...
...create ore effective
marketing strategies How is marketing to minorities any different than marketing to another target segment?
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