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Two Teachers Caught Bullying Special Needs Student

No description

Carter Janicki

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Two Teachers Caught Bullying Special Needs Student

Two Teachers Caught Bullying Special Needs Student
Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?
The Effects Of Teachers Being Bullies
Parents of the student reported the bullying to school administrators, in hope of helping their daughter.
"After being told repeatedly by school administrators that his daughter was lying about being harassed and bullied, he outfitted her with a hidden tape recorder under her clothes" (Stump, 2011).
The father of the student found numerous acts of harassment, bullying, and unworthy punishment on the hours of hidden tape recordings.
Parents of a Middle School special needs student became worried when their daughter told them she was being bullied.
Father Gets to the Bottom of Daughters Harassment
"Chaffins has since resigned, while Wilt had to undergo eight hours of anti-bullying and child abuse training" (Stump, 2011).
Teachers Christie Wilt and Kelly Chaffins were found responsible for the harassment of the special needs student.
The Parents of the student were awarded $300,000 in a civil lawsuit case against the school district.
The parents decided to bring the case public in an attempt to have Wilt removed from her teaching job.
Two teachers took advantage of a special needs student and had the backing of their administration throughout the process.
This event showed very little comfort for parents who care about the protection of their children in the schools.
The administrators are responsible for not hearing the voice of the students parents and should have further investigated the claims of teacher-student harassment.
Bullying is a serious problem in schools and can affect students' lives. It is the schools' administrators who are responsible for investigating and solving any possible harassment issues.
Parents voices must be heard by administrators and teachers must be held at higher standard than students.
Stump, S. (2011, November 15). Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl. Retrieved from http://www.today.com/id/45302947/ns/today-parenting_and_family/t/teachers-caught-tape-bullying-special-needs-girl/
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