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Copy of Jyske Bank Case Study

stupid danish bank

cristina grecu

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Jyske Bank Case Study

Jyske Bank
A Journey of Differences
Remaining Independent
Customer Interaction
Branch Redesign
“the most customer-oriented bank in Denmark”
Requires every employee to work a little harder
Battle at Vejle, Forskelle Talk Show, & Max Performa
Management Styles & Incentives & Training
Business Cards
Account Teams
“prudent, conservative, well-managed, generally unremarkable and largely undifferentiated”
Common Sense
“With both feet placed firmly on the ground, we think before we act”
Open and Honest
“We are open and honest in both word and action”
woo the milky way
Different and Unpretentious
“We think and act differently and are generally unpretentious”
Genuine Interest and Equal Respect
“We demonstrate insight and respect for other people”
Efficient and Preserving
“We work consistently and with determination to reach our goals”
"Feel of Home"
Employee Empowerment
Bank with a personality. “Not for everyone”
Leader in customer satisfaction.
“Jsyke bank’s core target market of Danish families and small- to medium-sized Danish companies (earnings were 40 percent commercial, 60 percent retail)”
slight premium and only for customers with good credit history
Employee satisfaction higher than at any of its major competitors
Present Day
Financial crisis changed people's perceptions
and decreased trust in financial institutions
Goal-to change the way people
think about banks
Large display of the free coffee bar
Screens offering bank service information in form of interactive and entertaining presentations
& "retail shelves"
=>attract customers & decrease the perception of time spent waiting
Better communication requires more investment in technology

Responsive web design
"Building a site you can manage"
then & now
Communicate more effectively and innovatively
live webcasting, video-on-demand, digital signage, etc..
but when it comes to measuring ROI...
yearly net income <-> staff & customer satisfaction
CoolSign technology makes work flow more efficient
individual customer raltionship, more care and time
same products- deliver them in different ways
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