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UTI Chain of Infection

Elminiation: UTI Game

Rebecca Neubauer

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of UTI Chain of Infection

Chain of Infection
Game Method of
Transmission Susceptible
Host Portal
Entry Reservoir This is the place where
the microorganism lives. *Remember,
it can be a food/water or a human source This is a person who
is susceptible to
the infection. This is the place where
the infectious
agent enters
the body This is the means
by which the microorganism
travels to another host. Portal
Exit Etiolgic
Agent The infectious agent, the
microorganism that is capable
of producing an infection. Urethra So... lets look at
the invaders of
how a UTI occurs WHICH ONE IS IT..?
Etiologic Agent
Portal of Exit
Portal of Entry
Susceptible Host
Method of Transmission Women Inorder for a UTI to spread,
All links in the chain of infection
MUST be connected...

Great Job Idenitfying
these Factors!!!

Now go break the chain of infection! In order for an etiologic agent
to establish an infection,
the microorganism MUST
leave the reservoir. (Wiping back to front) Dehydration Sexual
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