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Great Depression and Recession

No description

Alberto Amaya

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression and Recession

The Great Depression first event that happened was the
crashing of the stock market in 1929
Known as Black Tuesday
Second thing inflation
companies were making more stuff than what the consumers could buy unemployed people didn't have any money to waste
so companies didn't make any money and fired more people banks would also loan money to people who couldn't pay back So the bank would lose the money they loaned and go bankrupt During this time of the depression Herbert Hoover was the president but people thought he wasn't doing much to help The Great Recession GDP went down
house pricing went down in sales
also the increase in unemployment increase in interest rates
by the federal reserve stock market prices decreased
stimulus plan Comparison At the same time of the events
the stockmarket was decreasing there was a lot of people
were unemployed also alot of people
were out of jobs
with no money
unemployment was increasing too companies were closing in the drepression Herbert was the president some people said he really didn't do nothing just gave speech's then Roosevelt came in and started all this working plans and projects and now Barack Obama is the president
he has created the rienvesment act which create millions of new jobs also a new housing program which helped to decrease foreclosures and rebuild are economy with wise investments in healthcare, energy and education so why did the depression and recession affect the whole world if it only happened in the U.S?
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