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Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

created by Prezi

Hal Zesch

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

50 ways to leave your constraints
Main Idea
See that the world greatly needs and will value the contributions of people with high ability and deep caring.
Think about how many people & needs exist in the world.
Ask 5 other people about their "bucket lists".
Think about how many people don't care, & what happens as a result
Write my own obituary now; what do I want it to say?
Scream out my biggest frustrations.
Say everything I want to do in my life while hopping on 1 foot.
Think of all of the people who are similarly frustratated.
Ask 10 people whose opinions you respect, & 5 I don't.
Talk to my family
Walk thru a new part of town & see how I might help them.
I could join the French Foreign Legion
What can support me in the standard of living I want?
Move to the city best known for what interests me.
Ask the next 10 people I meet on the street about the world's greatest need.
What is my passion?
Jab a spot on a spinning globe & go there.
Read about the improvements in the standard of living in China & India.
Think about everyone else except me for a while.
Write thank you notes to the 1st 10 people I think of.
Hope for the best.
Try singing, dancing, & acting for a living.
Cast dice for what to do next.
Go & sing carols to the first 10 people I think of.
Try to not care for a while.
Google search the top 100 words & see what they have in common.
Ask everyone in the row in which you are sitting.
How many other people care as much as I do?
Take a year off and see the world.
Who am I better at, in what I do?
Pretend to be my best friend & talk to myself.
If I were the hiring manager, why would I hire me?
What am I good at?
Why do I want to do this?
Get another degree
Change jobs with a friend
What do I dream about when I am going to sleep & when I 1st wake up?
Read job postings of all types & see how many I qualify for.
Ask my pastor for his or her advice.
Take some courses in subjects I have never studied.
Do the 1st thing on my "bucket list".
Read the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, & Financial Times
Go to a sauna & see naked people's vulnerabilities.
Ask 5 dumb people about how they are so happy.
Pray & ask God to help me to serve others.
Talk to the person whose advice has helped me the most in the past.
Get drunk with my friends & sing about it.
Be thankful for everything I have.
Write letters to the 5 people I care most about.
Ask friends to ask me repeatedly what I want to do.
Tuvan throat sing until I get it.
Practice yoga
Take up playing the tuba
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