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Copiague Smart Schools Bond - Investment Plan

No description

Copiague Schools

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Copiague Smart Schools Bond - Investment Plan

Next Steps
Jeanette Altruda
Technology Committee
Developing the

Required Steps for Approval of Investment
1st Submission
Proposed Purchases
Post Preliminary SSIP on website for 30 days
Smart Schools Bond Act
Copiague School District
Investment Plan
SSIP Requirements & Timeline
SBA #2
SBA #3a
SBA #4a
Next Steps:
Expenditure not covered by Smart Schools
Installation of classroom technology
Related maintenance costs
Professional Development
Technical Support
Factors to Consider for Future SSIP Submissions:

Acquire new learning technology equipment including interactive whiteboards, desktop/laptop computers, and tablets.
Minor security system upgrades, replace intercoms, latching systems, security cameras, doors, and door hardware.
Replace a portion of existing wireless devices and cabling.
Total Proposed Cost for
Submission: $4,852,870
Allow for public comment during 30 day period
Send comments to: jaltruda@copiague.net
Technology Committee to review Final SSIP
Present Final SSIP to Board of Education
Submit Board approved SSIP to NYSED portal
SBA #3b
Access control at each building, extend security system, new devices/equipment, secure vestibules.
SBA #4b
Provide new Cat 6A cabling to newly renovated spaces and additions. Provide new cabling into some existing spaces.
Classroom Learning Technology Project
SBA #2
SBA #3a & 3b
High-Tech Security Features
SBA #4a & 4b
School Connectivity Project
A collaborative approach
Evaluate district's immediate technology needs
Technology Committee
Feedback of all committee members
Includes all required stakeholders
Preliminary SSIP:
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
BOE, Administrators & Teachers
Western Suffolk BOCES
Technology Support Services
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