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Manly Men and Girly Girls

No description

Mirna RadinSabados

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Manly Men and Girly Girls

Fictional heroes
and the lure of history Matthew Weiner:
Hero, anti-hero and Mad Men Hayden White, DeCerteau
Fiction is the repressed other of historical discourse - true vs. real
Symbolizing the real:
key social issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality IMAGES OF MASCULINITY meet Don Draper
- a good man? Maidens and Maidenform
women in workplace Both Jackie and Marylin - disciplining bodies and minds Breaking the mold
- women and power Negotiating race The impact of MAD MEN MANLY MEN & GIRLY GIRLS ...and Pete Campbell
- the new man Mad Men facts and figures
What it took to become "one of the boys" - freedom, independence, talent All the women are white, and all the Blacks are men...
Rooftop perspective Advertising, consumer society
and contemporary culture Mad Men” is an AMC television series that serves as a cultural barometer and challenges viewers to explore how a show about an advertising agency in the 1960s speaks to our current anxieties regarding capitalism, consumerism and human relations. (Stoddart 2011: 9) Focus:
gender icons and images of the 1950s and early 1960s in the USA
presented in contemporary cultural production and the effect they have on our understanding of social and cultural values.

Texts: TV show MAD MEN, Don DeLillo, "Sputnik" in 2009
Don Draper was voted the
most influential man by AskMen
- before Usain Bolt, Barak Obama
and even Mark Zuckenberg Women and Age
Marylins must stay forever young From Marylin to Jackie and back again - ornaments without desires NOSTALGIA BOOKS ON MAD MEN Two ends of the consumer culture “You go to college. You meet a boy. You drop out. You get married. Struggle for a year in New York while he learns to tie a tie and then move to the country and just start the whole disaster over” PRODUCT VS. PACKAGE a basket full of kisses The times they are a-changing... WORLD OF MAD MEN - NOW AND THEN
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