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Betty Neuman Theory

Caution, screen may zoom in and out and will rotate. It may make you a little dizzy, well I certainly was.

Nina Xiong

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Betty Neuman Theory

Betty Neuman Theory
A unique profession that is concerned with all the variables which influence the response a person might have to a stressor.
Person is seen as a whole, and it is the task of nursing to address the whole person.
Neuman defines nursing as “action which assist individuals, families and groups to maintain a maximum level of wellness, and the primary aim is stability of the patient/client system, through nursing interventions to reduce stressors.’’
The role of the nurse is seen in terms of degree of reaction to stressors, and the use of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions.
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The person is a complete system, with interrelated parts. Its a Client system, a composite of physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual variables in interaction with the internal and external environment; represented by central structures, lines of defense, and lines of resistance (Neuman, 2002).

Defined as:
• "the totality of the internal and external forces (intrapersonal, interpersonal and extra-personal stressors) which surround a person and with which they interact at any given time."
• The internal environment exists within the client system.
• The external environment exists outside the client system.
• The created environment is an environment that is created and developed unconsciously by the client and is symbolic of system wholeness

• environmental factors, intra (emotion, feeling), inter (role expectation), and extra personal (job or finance pressure) in nature, that have potential for disrupting system stability.

A persons health at the time nursing occurs. Health can be a broad spectrum from illness to wellness and is defined by the perception of the person throughout their life. This view focuses on the patients physical, social, aesthetic, and moral realms (Metaparadigm Concepts).
In 1983 Newman said “Health is the expansion of the consciousness.” The theory now includes health of all people with or without disease process. (Newman's Health As Expanding Consciousness, 2004).
Betty Neuman created a systems model that looks at wellness from a holistic perspective. It engages the individual within their environment and addresses the many aspects that contribute to or hinder what it means to be healthy. The model Neuman presents is one that is open in nature, which allows for its adaptation to the needs of specificity. It has been used to shape nursing practice, education, and many other areas relating to the care of the individual. The implications for such a model within healthcare have yet to be exhausted, and the ideas of Neuman will continue to shape nursing in years to come.
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