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Sentence types

Grammar presentation for English 99

Amy Chamberlain

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Sentence types

I can stand on my own! I need support! Simple You can combine DEPENDENT and INDEPENDENT clauses to create FOUR kinds of sentences: Examples I want to
understand sentences! ...and get good grades on my papers. Sentences are made up of CLAUSES.

A CLAUSE is a group of words with:

There are two types of clauses: Independent Dependent A SUBJECT and a PREDICATE (who performs the action) (the verb, objects, or phrases governed by the verb) Examples: We will try
My pet gorilla is not a good driver
Even when I thought she'd gone
My mother took the dog to the vet
Although nobody came
My brother flies a helicopter every day
My cafeteria smells like old socks (Subjects are in red
Predicates are in blue) Examples: (Subjects are in red, predicates are in blue) I laughed.
She told me yesterday.
My best friend pretended to faint.
I never thought this day would come. Examples: (Subjects are in red, predicates are in blue
green words are dependent) When I laughed
If she had told me yesterday
Because my best friend pretended to faint
Whether my brother did what he was told QUIZ! Are these clauses
INDEPENDENT or DEPENDENT? 1. My best friend fell down some stairs
2. Although I wanted to sleep
3. Unless we start now
4. She never told me
5. What this school needs now
6. The future starts today
7. While I was gasping for breath
8. I hurt One independent clause. No dependent clauses. Compound Complex Complex-
Compound Multiple independent clauses. No dependent clauses. One independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. My aunt enjoyed taking the hay ride with you. Coming to this school marked a change in my social life. I have never wanted sleep so badly. Examples The clown frightened the little girl, and she ran off screaming. The Freedom Riders left on May 4, 1961, and they were determined to ride through many southern states. She wanted me to clean up my mess, but I didn't want to. Examples After I added up the sales, I realized the till was $40 short. While all of his paintings are fascinating, Bosch's triptychs, full of mayhem and madness, are the real highlight of his art. Examples _Catch-22_ is widely regarded as Heller's best novel, and because Heller served in World War II, which the novel satirizes, the zany but savage wit of the novel packs an extra punch. Although I like to go camping, I haven't had the time to go lately, and I haven't found anyone to go with. Quiz! WARNING! Combining two independent clauses with ONLY a comma is called a comma splice. DON'T MAKE COMMA SPLICES! She wanted me to clean up my mess, I didn't want to. Are these clauses? 1. The friendly, slightly obsessed schoolteacher
2. Never in my life
3. She sat apart from us
4. I wouldn't have wanted to anyway
5. My cat died
6. When it started to rain
7. Playing football in the dark
8. Let's go
9. Although she escaped from jail last fall
10. Constantly crawling up and down the walls Are these correct sentences?
If so, what kinds of sentences are they? Quiz! 1. Such as health insurance and things that the government helps pay for

2. Although I try to entertain my son in old-fashioned ways, it's easier to reach into my pocket and just hand him the smartphone

3. Another reason people don’t want taxes is because they don’t want the government to control what they do with their money without taxes they wouldn’t have the government at their throats

4. Under current laws, only people purchasing guns legally go through a background check, but it isn't always effective

5. Learning basic skills, improving language, and higher paying jobs

6. I am constantly looking over my shoulder for zombies

7. There are hundreds of diet plans, most prove to be useless QUIZ! Are these clauses? 1. For some reason
2. Sometimes we are fooled
3. Crying and searching desperately for food
4. Especially when it comes to gang-related violence
5. I'll never tell
6. Before you consider adoption
7. In the opening of all governmental meetings
8. Separated families, kids without homes, and abandoned babies
9. He saw me
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