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Curriculum Integration

No description

chris carlson

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration Least degree
of integration required Multidisiplinary Moderate-level
of integration required Interdisciplinary A Paradigm Shift
from Traditional Methods Transdisciplinary STEM cience echnology ngineering athematics Stem Outcomes
Learn to develop a shared understanding of STEM education

Develop a working knowledge of research-based effective learning experiences in science inquiry, mathematics problem-solving and engineering

Immerse themselves in the processes of science through an engaging scenario modeling instructional practices to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning in the STEM fields STEM Literacy

STEM literacy is the ability to identify, apply, and integrate concepts from science, technology, engineering and mathematics to understand complex problems and to innovate to solve them. 5 Engagement Expoloration Explanation Elaboration Evaluation A 21st Century Teaching Approach
to Differentiated, Student-Centered
Instruction Learning Centers Theme-based Units Service Learning Fusion Intradisciplinary A language arts teacher integrates reading, writing, and oral language into one lesson. Differentiated Instruction: A Word from Carol Ann Tomlinson What does differentiated instruction combined with Integration look and sound like? What does the transdisciplinary
strategy look and sound like? What does the interdisciplinary
strategy look and sound like? 1. ) Children making wind and rain machines while learning language skills. The teacher focuses on the big ideas in the concepts of evaporation, condensation, and thermal energy. These concepts transfer to other lessons beyond wind and rain machines. 2. ) Students work on interdisciplinary
lessons that integrate laptop computers.
Teachers integrate the use of laptops into
the curriculum rather than adapting
curriculum to the use of computers.
(Use technology as a tool.) 3.) Using six steps of problem solving or
Six Traits to Writing across the curriculum, which are Continuous School
Improvement goals in many schools. What does the multidisciplinary
look and sound like? What does
look and sound
like? Differentiated Instruction and Curriculum Integration Inquiry-based Problem-based Project-based Project-based Thank You!
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