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No description

Emma Betz

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of CODE ORANGE

by: Caroline B. Cooney

Mitty Blake:
Mitty is 16 years old, a big troublemaker and doesn't really care about school or grades. The only thing keeping him from dropping out of honors biology is a girl named Olivia.

craves attention
Olivia is a very intelligent, pretty girl who always follows directions and gets her homework done on time, but she starts to change after meeting Mitty.

My opinion:
Falling Action:
This story takes place in New York City, New York. Mostly in either:
New York City, New York
Rising Action
While at a library looking for books on smallpox, Mitty finds a book from 100 years ago that contains old smallpox scabs. Stupidly, Mitty takes them out of the envelope, and rubs them up against his nose.
Rising Action
Once Mitty learns more about smallpox, he realizes what a mistake he's made. Yet, he did it again. He sniffed the scabs and immediately regretted that he did for a second time.
In the exposition of this story, Mitty Blake is assigned a biology report by his teacher, Mr. Lynch. With only a week remaining to complete the assignment, Mitty finally decides what he is going to do his report on - smallpox- and he knows he has to get a good grade on it to stay in honors biology with Olivia.
The story takes place in February 2004, in New York City.
Mitty contacts many doctors and nurses by email and asks them if he is going to get smallpox. The doctors and nurses forward the email and it somehow finds its way to the eyes of terrorists. They show up at his house wanting Mitty to spread the disease across America again. Mitty releases carbon monoxide in his basement where the terrorists are, breaks away from them, and calls the police.
Project by: Emma Betz
Main Conflict:
Mitty's main conflict is dealing with the fact that he may have smallpox and it can just pop up on his skin any day and kill him by the next day. Then he finds out he doesn't have smallpox and can't get it from old scabs.
The police show up at Mitty's house and take him to the hospital. There, he finds out that he cannot catch the disease of smallpox from old scabs.
The problem was solved by Mitty. He killed the four foreigners and soon found out that his symptoms that made him think he had smallpox, were false. Throughout the whole book Mitty takes things into his own hands and does research on smallpox. If he wouldn't have acted as he did, he would still be living in fear of the possibility of having the disease. .
I had mixed feelings about this book. I liked the suspense in some chapters, but really didn't like the feeling it left me with wondering what happened after Mitty realizes he doesn't have smallpox. Does he go back to a normal life? Other than that, I was very pleased with this book. It had a nice mixture of suspense with all of the twists
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