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No description

Melissa Hornung

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of SOLAR

How are nuclear reactions in the sun responsible for its energy?
four hydrogen atoms are forced together creating helium
this is called fusion
Is there any waste to dispose of or pollution when we use solar?
no pollution after solar panels are made
How does a solar collector work?
Contains system of tubes that hold water
Sun heats liquid at a temp of 90 degrees
Heated water is stored in tank
Hot water tap is opened and the cold water flows through the heated storage tank to the tap.
How does a photovoltaic cell make energy?
sun strikes cells causing electrons to move around
causing an electric current
converts sun light to electricity
How does the sun's energy get to us?
It radiates into space
Then it reaches to earth
By: Melissa H. and Kealia L.
Can we use solar energy right away, or do we have to do something to solar energy before its use full?
both because you could use passive energy and active energy
active energy uses special equipment to collect sunlight
Is solar energy portable everywhere?
Is portable
you can move solar energy through electricity wires


Rare Earth
solar panels are made with rare earth metals
What are the main uses of solar energy?
Passive energy does not depend on mechanical equipment
Is solar energy available everywhere?
not available everywhere
in order to have solar you need to have sunlight
some places in the world do not have that much sunlight.
In what parts of the country is solar energy most successfully used for heating and electricity?

How does solar energy or the use of solar energy affect the environment?
How can thermal energy from the sun be collected and turned into electricity on a large scale?
red= most successful for heating and electricity
some toxic materials and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells.
water heater
house hold supplies like lights, heater and more
Solar farms
What percentage of the total U.S
uses comes from solar energy?
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