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Google GLASS for road traffic and parking control

Explores the opportunities and challenges in using Google GLASS for professional augmented-reality applications

A115 Ltd

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Google GLASS for road traffic and parking control

Difficult to focus purely on GLASS at the moment, especially outside of the US
Look at alternatives: e.g., Vuzix M100, Ikanos Golden-I
Engage in conversation with Google
Google GLASS for road traffic and parking control
Parking control
Real-time Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Integrate with parking payments provider to check vehicle payment status
Greatly increase efficiency and reliability of parking control
Road traffic law enforcement
Connect to various police databases
Pull timely, relevant information about vehicle ownership, violations history, etc.
Help in-field officers make better informed decisions, faster
Computational resources
Can we run computer vision applications directly on the GLASS hardware?
Is that hardware powerful enough to handle this in real-time?
How easy or difficult would it be to program the GLASS hardware directly (OS, SDK)?
Doing "real AR"
Is Google GLASS suitable for real Augmented Reality applications?
The visual field alignment problem
What do existing apps do?
Can it work?
Jordan Dimov
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