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Tools for Richer Teaching

2013-02-15 Professional Development presentation for Department of Health Restoration and Care Systems Management faculty, School of Nursing, UT Health Science Center San Antonio

Luke Rosenberger

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Tools for Richer Teaching

Tools for
Richer Teaching Luke Rosenberger
http://library.uthscsa.edu/t4rt Extra bonus: Many cloud-based collaboration tools are designed for easy access & use from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Brainstorming Topic How else can we promote student comprehension & engagement with concepts outside of class, other than textbook readings and writing discussion boards? A model in which you use
someone else's hardware, software,
and storage to get your work done,
via the Internet, instead of your organization's or your own. More ideas? Richer Classroom
Interactions Richer Presentations Richer Collaborations Cloud? Once the "content delivery" (i.e. lecture, study) starts happening between class meetings, just think what you could do with the precious time you have face-to-face! Do I use the cloud? Most of the time, to use a cloud service, you'll open your browser, go to a website, and log in, *instead* of launching software on your own computer. You might also
access cloud
services from a
mobile app. But what does that
mean for me and my
teaching? Storage Mashups! Publishing Productivity A few initial steps Embedding vs. Linking 1 Record audio Edit audio 2 Sync audio with
presentation 4 Post it online 5 Which best encourages interaction?
(a) a bare URL: http://youtube.com/blahblah
(b) a hyperlink: here's a video by OK Go
(c) the video itself, embedded into the presentation or page: http://quietube4.com/v.php/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w 3 Invite experts or colleagues
from anywhere in the world Skype in the classroom https://education.skype.com Audience response system...
without the clickers! Let's try it. Go to:
http://pollev.com/lukelibrarian Brainstorm! Collaborative notetaking -> questions -> discussion discussion based
on class hashtag
i.e. #nurs4317
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