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Renaissance Music

No description

Mimi Ho

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Music

Music of the Renaissance Chris Delbridge, Tessa Sinclair, Mimi Ho Role of Music Renaissance Instruments The changing music style of the period brought new instruments.
There were many different types like string instruments, wind instruments and percussion.
Some instruments of the time would be:
The Lute (like a modern day guitar)
Harpsichord (modern day piano)
Music of today is similar in the ways of classical music in the Renaissance because some instruments are still used today.However, many other instruments have been developed into something else that is similar but not the same as it was in that time. Popular Renaissance Composers Thomas Tallis 
Josquin Des Prez
Pierre de La Rue
Claudio Monteverdi 
William Byrd 
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 
Orlando de Lassus
Giovanni Gabrieli  Greensleeves 1. Alas, my love, you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously.
And I have loved you so long
Delighting in your company. Greensleeves - Chorus Greensleeves was all my joy,
Greensleeves was my delight.
Greensleeves, my heart of gold,
And who but my Lady Greensleeves. Works Cited "Greensleeves." Sheetmusic2print.com. n.p., n.d.
Web. 29 Apr. 2013. Music Technology Printing press Protestant Reformation Arkenberg, Rebecca. "Heilbrunn Timeline of Art
History." Music in the Renaissance. The
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2002. Web. 29 Apr.
2013. Simple music for everyone Psalms first set to music Effects are still around today Martin Luther New instruments - brass, woodwind, string, percussion Music was influential in political,
economic and political events.
The time period led to changes in music style.
Major composers were mainly English and Northern Europeans.
Renaissance music was originally created for the church but became an aspect of everyday life. Renaissance Musicians Johannes Ockeghem
Guillaume Dufay
Josquin Desprez
Ottaviano de'Petrucci
Leonardo Praetorius Sto core mio - Orlando di Lasso (1550) "Ave Maris Stella" - Guillaume Dufay "Top 8 Renaissance Composers." about. About, n.d. Web. 7 May 2013. Phillips, Cynthia. "Renaissance Musicians." netplace.
n.p., n.d. Web. 30 April 2013.
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