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Atmosphere 9/4-5

No description

Stephanie Spangler

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Atmosphere 9/4-5

Lowest level - 0-17km
Heated by the earth's surface
Where weather occurs
Second layer - 17-50 km
Airplanes fly in this 'sphere'
Is heated by ozone
As you get higher the temperature .... ?
Ozone absorbs the harmful UV Rays from the sun
Made of ozone molecules: O3
Ozone Layer
Greenhouse Effect
The third level of the atmosphere - 50-85 km
Where meteorites fly through
Heated by the stratosphere
Higher height, the ____ temperature
Heated by radiation from the Sun
Heated by radiation from the sun
Transmits radio signals

Location of Northern Lights
Where space shuttles and satellites fly
Global Warming
Ionosphere -
Exosphere -
500-1,000 km
is broken into two parts:
Protect us from UV and infrared radiation from the sun
These gases are called
Greenhouse Gases
CO2, methane, water vapor, etc.
Absorb and reflect the infrared rays
The absorbtion allows temp on Earth to be higher than usual
Allows for life to survive
Greenhouse Gases
UV radiation - wavelength to quick to be seen
Infrared radiation - wavelength to slow to be seen
What can we do?
smoke and harmeful materials that are added to the air
For Example
created by the use of fossil fuels
sunlight chemically reacts to fumes from gasoline, car exaust, and other gases
increase pollution have added to the greenhouse gases
produced at a quicker rate than natural
causing the planet to heat more than usual
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
measure air pollution and ensure that companies do not exceed their limit
What can I do?
if you can ride your bike or walk instead of driving
anything else?
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