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No description

Rachel Lee

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Dance

By: Rachel Popular types of Street Dance among Shuffle Popular types
of Shuffle. 1.Melbourne shuffle

2.Hardstyle Shuffle

3. Jumpstyle Shuffle

4. Electro Shuffle Melbourne Shuffle Shuffle
HipHop/street dance club dance
Australia Melbourne teenagers. Hardstyle Shuffle And Many more... Netherland
Fusion and scantraxx Hip Hop/Street dance Jumpstyle Shuffle Logo Rave dance
United states
April 27,1996
2005, scooter crew Electro Shuffle Hardsteps
Electro Slide
Fast Movements
The latest Breakdance .Power Moves.
. Power Moves .1990
.New York Momentum Strength Speed Freezes .Balance
.Good muscle body
.Powerful arms Footwork .Speed
.Fast movement
.Fast legs Toprock Stylish
Breakdance basic
Balance 3 Types ! BreakDance
Funkstyle Funkstyle California
1970 It mainly include... 1. Locking

2. Popping The Running Man Locking 1960
Locking Movement
Fast Movement
Distinct Arm
relax hips and leg movement Lockers Popping Robbot
Tutting Poppers In conclusion......... Thanks for listening
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