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Putting Feet on the Press Release

For organizations with an idea, cause or cure and the PR agencies that represent them.

Ruth Ann Barrett

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Putting Feet on the Press Release

Or it goes out in an email. We receive
many of these every day....
Post the Press Release to Your Website, but don't bury it.
Improve the situation.
If you are supporting sustainability practices and
principles, take these ideas and run with them...you can always write a check of thanks to EarthSayers.tv where we will put towards keeping our site up and running.
EarthSayers, LLC
333 NW 4th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209
Ruth Ann Barrett
Putting Feet on Your Press Release
You send out a Press Release....
as we did through 3BL Media
Call a contact
Tweet it
Share on Facebook
Link to It
Use a landing page with a content-related URL, one that can be easily remembered, so you can tell people about it in conversations
Enable your supporters
to spread the word.
and spread the word.
Talk it up
Link to It
Tweet It
Share On Facebook
Call A Contact
Updated March 30, 2015
Long on Headline
Dense with Copy
Thick with facts
Limited (call to) Action
Landing page with
friendly URL
Send me to it.
Tweet It
Share On Facebook
LinkIn to it
Pre-filled and ready to go social media!
This PR tradition assumes we have
the knowledge and time to boil this all down to 140 characters and then post it
all over the place.
Most Importantly...
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