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Introduce Yourself Assignment

No description

emma gaudette

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduce Yourself Assignment

Introduce Yourself Assignment
Emma Gaudette

Whats my name?
Hi my name is Emma Gaudette! I live in Windsor Ontario and attend Assumption College School. I'm currently in grade 12, I'm so excited for the new school year and especially this online course!
Why Online Law?
I am very interested in law, I enjoy debating topics and learning new things about our government and the way the law is integrated in it. I registered for this course because I wanted to gain a better understanding of how the law works and how it is involved with buissnesses and our society. From this course I hope to fully grasp the Canadian Legal System and understand the effects the law has on society .
Post Secondary Goals
After high school I hope to go to university in the United States and major in marketing and advertising.
The Canadian Legal System
I dont know much about the Canadian legal system. I do know that the Canadian court is an intricate system made of many different levels of courts. It is a four level hierarchy that accommodates to different sections of the law.
What does the law mean to me?
To me, the law is an organized set of rules that everyone in the community must follow in order to run a peaceful and successful community.
My Favourite Law Related T.V. Show
My favourite law realated t.v. show is criminal minds. My favourite part of the series is always the end of each episode when the killer is found and justice is served!
Extracurricular Activities
I have many activities that i love to do . A few of my favourite extracurricular activities include spring board diving, drawing, and hanging out with family and friends!
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