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6 pm

No description

Raine Peñalosa

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of 6 pm

SIX PM by Nick Joaquin
Trouvere at night, grammarian in the morning,
ruefully architecting syllables--
but in the afternoon my ivory tower falls.
I take a place in the buss among people returning
to love (domesticated) and the smell of onions burning
and women reaping the washlines as the Angelus tolls.

But I--where am I bound?
Nick Joaquin
1. TROUVERE - French term for poet-composer

2. RUEFULLY - exciting pity or sympathy

3. APOCALYPSE - a great disaster / something viewed as a prophetic revelation

4. CONQUISTADOR - one that conquers

5. REAPING - pick or harvest

6. CLOCKPUNCHER- a worker with a routine job in the factory of office
My garden, my four walls
and you project strange shores upon my yearning:
Atlantis? the Caribbeans? Or Cathay?
Conductor, do I get off at Sinai?
Apocalypse awaits me: urgent my sorrow
towards the undiscovered world that I
from warm responding flesh for a while shall borrow:
conquistador tonight, clockpuncher tomorrow.
Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin
Born: May 4, 1917
Paco, Manila
Died: April 29, 2004 (Aged 86)
Post-war author
-National Artist of the Philippines
-Ramon Magsaysay Award for Literature
-Ten Most Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM), Awardee for Literature (1955)
First Person
Metered poem, rhymed
6 pm by Nick Joaquin
Analysis: Literal Meaning
Analysis: Figurative Meaning
Different job on day and night
"Trouvere at night, grammarian in the morning.."
"conquistador tonight, clockpuncher tomorrow"
Analysis: Figurative Meaning
"ivory tower falls" - shut off for a time from the tawdry business of living, feels at home in
- in the afternoon, he must come to abandon the tower, descend, and rejoin humanity below
"I take a place in the bus among people returning to love" - he takes a bus home just like every one else
"But I—where am I bound?" - takes a detour
"Atlantis? the Caribbeans? Or Cathay?"
"Apocalypse awaits me: urgent my sorrow"
"conquistador tonight, clockpuncher tomorrow" - real vs unreal
Figure of Speech
the smell of onions burning - hyperbole
End of presentation.
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