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A remarkable story about a curious young girl!

Francesca Amoe

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of So.B.It

So.B.It By: Sarah Weeks So.B.It is a mother's name in the story. The mother is brain dead and couldn't pronounce her real name, Sophia, correctly. How the Title relates to important ideas in the book! Setting! Reno, Nebraska
Liberty, New York
Reno bus station
Hilltop Home
Roy and Ruby's home Protagonist Description Heidi is a curious 12 year old girl that knows nothing about her own mother. Her mother is brain dead and lives with her mother and a caring young lady named Bernadette. Heidi is very lucky and can guess correctly 10 times on 10 coin flips! Main Characters Heidi
Thurman Hill
Georgia Antagonist Description! Thurman Hill is an elderly man that owns Hilltop Home. He is a very grouchy man that has held a grudge pretty much his whole life. His anger towards Heidi is quite disrespectful. He accuses Heidi of being some one she is not. He keeps thinking Heidi wants more money from him and refuses to give any information to Heidi about her mother. He is soon found to be Heidi's grandfather! Protagonist Actions Heidi It goes to Liberty, New York in search for answers about her mothers early life. She wants to know what her mother means when she says a mysterious word 'soof'. She also wants to know is she has a grandmother. Heidi explains to Bernadette,"A person has a right to know from the beginning." What this tells us about Heidi This tells us that Heidi is unstoppable and know that when she puts her ind to something shes not going to give up on it. She is going to stick with something even through the rough times How the Protagonist Changes from the BEGINNING to the END! Heidi was full of truth and only new truth in the very beginning, but as she took that round trip ticket to Liberty, New York she started lying. She lied to Bernadette and her bus buddy, Alice. She learned from Alice that lying will always find a way to come back and haunt you. Heidi knew what she had to do. Type of conflict and what it shows about character's struggle! Human VS Human: Heidi struggles to know about her mother's word, 'soof' and what her mother did before they had Bernadette.Thurman Hill refuses to talk to Heidi or anybody about her mother unless Thurman has his lawyer standing beside him. Heidi must find a way to talk to Thurman Hill without any unreasonable comments. Human VS Self: Heidi blames herself for being selfish when she finds out her mother passed away. Bernadette had called the other day ay Heidi only wanted to talk about everything she found out and never even cared enough to ask about mama or Bernadette. Climax Heidi finds out everything she needed to know and a little extra. Heidi stays with Ruby and Roy, a couple that work at Hilltop Home, and Ruby receives a call from Bernadette. A tragedy has happened. Heidi's mother passed away. How is the Climax Resolved? Everyone gathers around for the funeral. Heidi knew her mama liked Jujyfruits so she bought some from the old, run down, town market. She placed them inside the coffin and stepped away. Heidi read one of her lists she made in the car on the way here and then placed that in her coffin as well. Heidi explains that things were never the same without mama. She missed her voice and the way she said, 'soof'. How the Author views this type of problem! Sometimes the truth is too much to handle. THEME! Letting your curiosity wander isn't a bad thing, but don't let it get the best of you!
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