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Science Ultra Violet Rays

No description

Cheryll Tan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Ultra Violet Rays

UltraViolet Sun Beds A device emitting ultraviolet radiation
used to produce a cosmetic tan
Tanning beds that use several fluorescent lamps
that have phosphor blends to emit UV
in a spectrum similar to the sun.
Disadvantages Over Exposure to Uv Rays causes
diseases such as Skin Cancer, premature skin aging
and suppression of immune system etc.
Hence, the World Health Organization does not
recommend the use of UV tanning devices for
cosmetic reasons Causes cancer, makes skin age and wrinkle faster,
mutate DNA and reduce the immune system Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than x-rays Fluorescent Lights They have coatings inside the tube or bulb which absorb
ultraviolet light and re-emit as it as a visible light spectrum. UV energy can make certain materials glow
with the help of fluorescence A type of ink / fluorescent ink contains
PHOSPHORESCENT*, which react to Ultra Violet Light
and glow. Eg Glow in dark stickers or tattoos Phosphorescent*.- phosphorus is made from
heated urine and powered charcoal. An example of the using of Ultra Violet Light To detect forgery of bank notes simply buy putting
them under the fluorescent lamp. Orignal bank notes have certain sections that has inks which contains Phosphorescent*.

When they are shown under Flourescent lamps , they will react to the Ultra Violet Light and glow.

So, Certain section in an original bank note will glow when it is shown under a fluroescent lamp or under ultraviolet lights, while a fake one would not. Security Pens The ink of security pens / UV pens are not visible to naked eye, unless the writings are shone under the ultraviolet light Used for marking valuables in case of burglary, where the owner can identify his item with the marks Example of using the security pens: They can also be used to write secret messages to others, and to prevent forgery of signatures. It can write on almost all surfaces,
but works best on paper. National Uses -Drug detection
-Medical imaging of cells
-Printer ink
-kill some harmful bacteria
-fluorescent lamps
-forensic analysis International Uses Medcine UV waves are effective in killing bacteria and viruses.
Hospitals use germicidal lamps that produce these waves to sterilize equipment, water and air in operating rooms.
It is also used to treat acne Industry Food and Drug industry uses germicidal lamps to disinfect various types of products and their containers.
The main use of ultraviolet is in the manufacturing integrated circuits. Science Scientists learn about the make up and energy levels of atoms by studying UV rays.
Experts also learn about distant stars and galaxies by analyzing the UV rays that are given off.
Artificial sources of ultraviolet light are used to stimulate the effects of solar ultraviolet radiation in the study of the deterioration of materials on exposure to sunlight
Interesting Facts: Bees, birds, butterflies and other insects can see ultraviolet light.
The reflection of UV rays off wings help insects identify mates. Birds have the ability to see ultraviolet light as well as the primary colors.
Ultraviolet rays cause chemical reactions in plants. If they are overexposed to it, it could kill them. Named as the spectrum consists of electromagnetic waves with higher frequency than those that human
identify as the color violet. Main source: Sun Research indicates that this ability plays a role in bird's reproductive habits, as they prefer mates that detect ultraviolet light.
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