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St. Alexandra

No description

Alexandra Higgins

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of St. Alexandra

St. Alexandra's symbol, is a crown that symbolized her being Emporer Diocletians whife
St. Alexandra is a patron saint, of defending humanity
The thing I most admire about St. Alexandra's life, is that she fell in love with the christian faith, and didnt care what her husband Diocetian would think
Date of birth: August 19 284

Date of death: April 23, 303

Feast Day: April 23
To be more like my Saint, I can study the christian faith more and not care what other people think of me or what I do.
An interesting story

St. Alexandra was not originally a christian, but after St. Alexandra saw all of the miricals that St. George had done, she became more and more interested in the christian faith, and became a christian. When her husband, Emporer Dioclentian found out that Alexandra was a christian, he wanted both Alexandra and George to be persecuted. Alexandra quietly exepted her sentence. But the night of the persecution, Alexandra died in her sleep.

St. Alexandra
Why saint Alexandra was canonized
Saint Alexandra was not a christian to start, but after the executions began, Saint Alexandra developed an interest for the christian faith. She knew that if her husband found out, he would execute her, and/or persecute her, but Saint Alexandra continued to plea for the freedom, and safety of christians. Because of this, the church is thankful for her great efforts.
Interesting facts about Saint Alexandra
- Saint Alexandra practiced christianity secretly because she was afraid that her husband would kill her.

- She is mentioned in the "Martydom of saint George"

- Many christians did what Saint Alexandra did, and professed their faith in an arena for everyone to hear. (it's beleived to be about 630 people)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra of rome



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