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Business proyect.

fabian riveros

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of cupcakes

Show my marketing plan my business idea to my colleagues. CUPCAKES MARKETING PROJECT Market: SEGMENTATION The product is: PRODUCT Price policy PRICE Logistics Promotion for the short channel Promotion For advertising our product we have established a strategy to generate product recall and certainly the preference for our brand Publicity Segmentation Product Price Logistics Promotion Publicity The cupcake is decorated cakes, are cakes with a variety of colors and with many ornaments Diagnostic Product Market: The market offers cupcakes as the perfect choice for any hour. This phenomenon of cupcakes is the new global trend in the fashion food segment CUPCAKES MARKETING PROJECT DEMOGRAPHY PSYCHOGRAPHIC BEHAVIORAL INCOME LEVEL AGE SOCIAL CLASS The product was described as a consumable directly, with a solid texture and pleasant taste sense. Benefits of our product: Made with materials of the highest quality 100% natural guarantee good manufacturing practices throughout the value chain ensuring its nutritional value and its distinctive and delicious flavor. Product attributes: The perfect cupcake, is humid.the air is filled with smells that one can not help feeling. Easy peeling of the casing, but leaves a small cake remains in it to be licked later. It is soft, sweet and easy to eat. It is rich, but not overwhelmingly so. We chose a pricing policy that is intuitive is to set the prices based on the assumption that the same effects will have on demand. Price determination The board expects a profit margin of 100% for each unit produced. This range corresponds to the optimal price, technical price between 50 to 60% and the minimum price equivalent to the total cost of sales. Thus the price is set as follows: Minimum Production cost = 1558.2 retail price = $ 1,600 Technical Production cost = 1558.2 x 54% = 842.4 retail price = $ 2,400 Optimal Production cost = 1558.2 x 92.52% = 1441.6 retail price = $ 3000 The cupcakes need no refrigerator, but of course depends on the environment. If they are stored in their boxes and the environment is not too hot and humid, can remain in perfect condition. Distribution channels Storage Chanel short: from the factory to customers:We have 2 locations:1 in center chia (lease) 2'000 .000 pesos1In chia Park (own) which are paid by the utility:30,000 40,000 light and water.Factory Point partner: Cr 10 to number 4-40 Barrio Santa LuciaPetrol car dealer: 5000 daily x 30 days = 150,000 a month. Coverage for chanel: looking for as many outlets as possible, multiple storage facilities to ensure maximum coverage of sales territory and a high turnover Promotions are based on the dates of the seasons are aimed at intensive and regular customers promotions: Take for purchases over 12 cupcakes claim 1 free. (Valid only for point of manufacture)

Take the box of 12 cupcake that serves as an organizer collects different reasons.

Take for purchases over 60,000 pesos you get our cupcake bear three different reasons radio flier newspaper Fabian Camilo Riveros Vargas
Age: 19 years
Born in: Bogota
Profession: Student of bussines administration V semester
Hobbies: play guitar, soccer, read, video games and listening music rock.
Favorite rock band: LED ZEPPELIN
Lives with: Grandfather
OBJECTIVES: Identify parts of a marketing plan HABITUAL USER NUTRITION YOUNG ENTHUSIASTS DIFFERENTIATION Junior, collegiate, men and women aged 18 to 20 years
Students in private schools girls and boys
Professional men and women aged 25 to 35 years
Families with preschool-age children QUALITY
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