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Chapter 2 - Trapezium Rule

pavithra malar

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of BA301- ENG MATHEMATICS 3

AREA OF IRREGULAR SHAPES TRAPEZIUM RULE example assessment rubric express notes INTRODUCTION TUTORIAL EXERCISE SCHEME TUTORIAL EXERCISE BA301 - ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS *The total area of the trapezium gives an approximation to the area under the curve. *The area under the curve is divided into a number of strips of equal width. The top edge of each strip is replaced by a straight line so the strips become trapezium This presentation uses the approximate method called the Trapezium Rule. If the integral cannot be evaluated, we can use an approximate method. To find an area bounded by a curve, we need to evaluate a definite integral. Simplified formula FORMULA FOR CALCULATING AREA OF IRREGULAR SHAPES h = width of interval
a = lower limit
b= upper limit
n = number of intervals trapezium rule Formula to calculate width, h Solution: Example 2: Find the approximate value of using 6 strips. Find the next y value by using the same method. 3) Find the value for y by substituting x values into the equation. 2) Divided the curve into a number of strips of equal width Each interval with equal width of 0.2 So, 4) Write the calculated y-values for each value of x in a table. 1) Sketch the graph of equation Example 1 :Find the estimation of the following integral with 5 strips. Since the question involving radian ,
make sure your calculator is in RAD mode. Radians! *It is not necessary to sketch the graph. This is only for understanding purpose* THE END

*Pavi* *Ida* *Eja* *Hasny* exercise using 4 strips 1. Solutions Solutions using 4 ordinates 2. using 4 strips 2. 1. Exercises Application: CLO2 : Solve the problems by applying Trapezium Rule to estimate the area C2 : Comprehensive
P2 : Manipulate
A3 : Valuing
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