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Study Skills

No description

david lennie

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Study Skills

Test Preparation Background... *In High School, did you take notes?

*Were notes provided for you?

*How often were tests/quizzes given?

*What kind of studier are you?

*How did you do on tests in high school? The First Day... Always come prepared
Bring paper, pen, highlighter, tape recorder, etc.
Read the readings before
Be an active listener
Engage in the discussion
Ask questions!
History 1002 meets 2 days a week, from 10:00 am to 10:50.
Hist 1002
- 2 d/wk 10 – 10:50 am Note Taking
Dictation Successful Notetaking Pick up cues from instructors Many will repeat important “test worthy” information
Intensify eye contact
Stop pacing
Use gestures
Change tone of voice
Write out a concept
Pause to allow note writing
Three keys to green environment – educate public, improve techno., and help increase demand for recycling.
3 keys to green environ

1- educate public

2- improve tech.

3-help incr. demand for
Which is better? A B Avoid distractions Focus on YOU Give yourself plenty of breaks Reward yourself
Draw it out

Quiz yourself Study
Time Use space to show relationships Vertical Space 3 keys to green environ

1- educate public

2- improve tech.

3-help incr. demand
for recy.ing

Horizontal Europe U.S

Less good hwys
More $$ cheap gas
More trains auto ind.
+pub transp. oil comp.

Use Visual Clues CAPITAL LETTERS Boxes/Brackets highlight Underline - - Indent below heading Pop of USA pop of CAN
1990 US tax < 2%
BUT now US tax > 9+%
Never put down random words that will confuse you later
Notes should be easily decrypted
Illustrate Ideas Test Prep Basics Pace Yourself Begin studying weeks before an exam

Studying starts by going to class, taking notes, doing the readings, and reading over notes on a weekly or daily basis

Don’t count on cramming
Meet Your Social Need
Extraverted style- Study with others, help identify trouble spots
Introverted style- Form study bonds with other similar students, connect through email by sharing notes and clarifying questions Stay Healthy Stay rested
Eat healthy
Exercise often
Drink plenty of water
Confidence Strategically plan for the test
Don’t fall into self-fulfilling prophecies
'I am going to fail'
'I suck at math'
'There is no point in studying, I am not going to pass' 'Whether you think you can,
or think you can't- you're right'
-Henry Ford Dictation Notes Know the Test Format Objective: Multiple choice
Essay: Summary of key concept
Write chapter summary paragraph for each chapter to help study
Procedure: Complete a formula, or step-by-step description
Practice problems and writing out the procedure helps Test Prepping Get 7-9 hours of sleep
Eat a light meal before testing
Drink (and bring) plenty of water
Go to the bathroom before the test
Don’t forget supplies
Go with confidence!
Test Anxiety The more you study and feel prepared the less anxious you will feel
Deep breathing
Positive thoughts
Blow off some steam by exercising
Avoid excessive caffeine and sugar
Simply, RELAX
Look over the entire test first and plan accordingly with what you know the best
Read the instructions… multiple times!
If you get stuck, move on and come back
Pace yourself
If needed, ask for clarification
Use the test to your advantage Test Taking Strategies Multiple Choice Read test items carefully/completely
Strike out wrong answers
Change answers cautiously
Guess rather than leave it blank
Look for grammatical/structural clues
True/False Strategies Go with your first hunch
Don’t look for answer patterns (T F T F T F)
Exceptions to the rule mean it is false!
Analyze qualifying terms
Cautious of words such as always, never, every, all, best worst – means without exception!
Essay Anticipate possible questions while studying
Be sure to answer the question carefully
Underline key components and instructions
Make an outline
Organize your thoughts
List out concepts
A road map of sorts
Write legibly and proofread
Academic Integrity Consequences can be steep
Zero on the exam
Zero in the class
Loss of scholarships
Kicked out of major
Tarnished reputation
Judicial sanctions
Expulsion H.E.A.L.T.H. For more info on Peer Edcuation at Eastern Illinois, contact us at Herc-Peered@eiu.edu Thank You for coming! Other Tricks Peppermint Peppermint has been shown to boost alertness.
Has a jolt of sugar to feed your brain.
Clears your nasal passage for fresh air.
More fresh air means more oxygen to the brain Lucky Charms? Have a lucky rabbit's foot or a special pencil/pen?
If it helps, use it and give yourself
a positive edge Don't Just memorize... Think of clever ways to help you remember:
"Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Circumference equals 2 Pi r" “Even though it gets heated, you can’t kill your staph”
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