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Harvel Info Map

No description

Sebastian Estevez

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Harvel Info Map

Information Maps As Is State To Be State Information Mapping Project General Findings Need for Tracking and Measuring
More SOP's
Opportunities for Automation
ERP Integration (May 2010) Customer
Service As Is State To Be State Sales and New Product Development Objectives Evaluate Customer Information Flows
Identify Areas for Improvement
Incorporate Web 2.0 Technologies Harvel Plastics Incorporate Direct Order Entry
Track Quote Statistics to Monitor Customer Service
Automate Order Status Notification Process
Document Technical Questions and Answers Company Background UV Resistent PVC
Transparent PVC
Heat resistent PVC
Ultra pure water PVC
Methodology Interview Employees for Information Flows Develop the "As Is"
Information Map Created the "To Be" Map
Incorporating Improvements Determine areas for Improvement IdentifyApplicable Web 2.0 Technologies Recommendations Company Background
Project Overview
Information Maps
Agenda PVC/CPVC manufacturer since 1965
Family owned and run
Sales through distributors
Easton, California, and Texas
Commodity and specialty products
Project Overview Andrew Kump Sebastián Estévez EJ Schuck Recommendations Customer Service
Sales and New Product Development Customer Service Sales and New Product Development Proactively Utilize Inputs to Generate Sales and Product Development Leads
Perform Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Host a Web Forum for Customer Ideas and Information Dissemination
Document New Product Ideas and Implement Stage Gates
Standardize R&D Process Pat Foose
Mendy Solt
John Matavi
Bill Weaver
Joao DaCosta
Mike Pasquarelli
Rob George
Anna Werkheiser
Eric Wismer
Dan Mulholland
Doug Sunday
Thank You Recommendations
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